May 20, 2010

Nice to meet you!

Hi,! My name is Takashi, I am a student majoring in business, Graduate School of Business Keio university. (2011 mba candidate) And now I live in Tokyo Japan.
Now I am plannig a bike trip crossing US from San Francisco to New York in this fall 2010!
The bike which I want to ride in my trip is made from bamboo!
Do you know bamboo bike? If you don't know I will show you later.

Why bamboo bike?
Because bamboo forest causes some harmful effects in Japan. Bamboo forest are neglected because it costs much to thin out. I want to propose one solution for that unbalanced cost.

Harmful effects

  1. .Landslide
  2. Encroaching the other plantations and road
  3. Lack of sunshine for surrounding
  4. Simplify of ecosystem in forests

Why are bamboo forest neglected? There are some reasons. The first, the price of bamboo sprouts for food is high. The price of chinese bamboo sprouts is cheaper than Japanese bamboo sprouts. The farmers who make living by selling bamboo sprouts has become lost. The second, the community who make bamboo works has become lost because most of japasene people do not use bamboo works these days.
That is a question, to thin out or not to thin out.
I think strongly that it is necessary to disseminate an attractive bamboo work to motivate to thin out!
So I just choose bamboo bike!
Please keep in touch with, follow my bamboo bike trip with me!
Takashi May 2010

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