December 1, 2010

11/30 Baltimore

11/30, Rain day, from Washington D.C. to Baltimore, 64.5miles

I woke up 5:00a.m. and took hot shower and read maps and directions which Mark showed me yesterday night. I ate breakfast with Mark and drank a cup of coffee. The coffee tasted nice. Mark went to work 7:15a.m., said bye-bye and after that I prepared for departure in his home, it was shower outside. Though we started biking at 8:30a.m. I lost my way both in Washington D.C. again and Red Creek Trail. Oops..
There were some drive circles in Washington D.C. the traffic in D.C. was still complicated for me.
And in Red Creek Trail there were sometimes no exits and signs, so it was difficut to find way for me. I asked some people and could find way to back to right way of maps.
We passed Wheaton, Olney, Brookeville, Dayton, Gleneg, Ellicott City and arrived at Baltimore at 4:00p.m. We went to bike shop, Baltimore Bicycle Works, and asked to check tension of rear wheel. The condition of tension was good. I said thank you to the staff and went aim to go Max's home. We stayed at an apartment of Max and Maya, Joanna, Allison tonight. I met Max, by one e-mail. 3 month ago, he sent an e-mail to me kindly. Now we met, talked, had enjoyable time together. It was miracle, very exciting. Max and Maya had already traveled cross country by tandem bike.  I enjoyed looking their photos of travel and we talked about bike, trip each other. I had wonderful time with him at Baltimore. At night 2 friends of Joanna visited apartment, they carried local beer of Pennsylvania," Yuengling". Great! I should write "Beer blog" at the end of diary of today.

"Beer blog"
Tasted light. Though some fragrance contained, first tasted, middle taste, and after taste were still light. It is better than Coors or Bud, but I like Fattire, Hoptober, Wassatch than this. I prefer a little bit darker.

Takashi 2010/11/30 @Baltimore

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