December 9, 2010

The last Bamboo fish appeared

The last "Bamboo fish" appeared in the pond, because we have biked, 4,354,7miles(7,257.8km) since Sep 10. We passed the last transit point, 7,000km. The pond was filled all green fish, bamboo fish. I felt unexplained happiness. Such like this pond I will contribute to diffuse bamboo resources, raise awareness of Eco friendly life, of neglected bamboo forests in the future. At the end of this trip I will change the stage of this pond, from United States to all continents. So it means, in the pond, one Bamboo fish will be swimming, this one Bamboo fish is the symbol of "Cross North America with bamboo bike", the pond is the symbol of 7 continents, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Europe. Now in my plan next trip will be "Cross China" with bamboo bike, because there are many knowledge and experiences about bamboo in China,
I want to research about the Chinese bamboo, interview with Chinese people about bamboo bike, and build connection with many Chinese people, with bamboo bike. And in next trip, I will travel with bamboo bike which I design/ build by my hands, by myself. This is my latest aspiration for the next trip. Please keep in touch, support me and bamboo bike!

"To learn all we can and teach all we can"  , this is the goal of "Hindman settlement school" the best school in the mountains, established in 1902 by May Stone and Katherine Pettit in Knott County, Kentucky. I visited in Hindman, Kentucky with bamboo bike. Good sentence, I love this sentence. I felt. When I saw the photos of 2 noble ladies, I felt their strong aspiration, would to contribute to society. I want to / I will contribute to society such like ladies.
"To bike all I can and design/ manufacture all I can with bamboo"

("A bamboo bike goes to Brooklyn", Mountain Democrat)

Takashi 2010/12/5 @Dobbs Ferry
P.S.  "Map system down" I am sorry that Map is blank on my blog. Now I check this problem, and contacted with TripAdvisor, system will be fixed next week.

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