December 10, 2010

12/6 Bamboobikestudio

12/6 Snow day, from Dobbs Ferry to Bamboobikestudio, 14.2miles

The 91th day of this trip was held in snow, the last day of this trip aim to Bamboobikestudio, our final destination, I felt unexplained feeling of satisfaction. I ate bagel with swiss cheese with some cup of coffee, New York Style breakfast, Helena cooked me, tyo good. In snow falling, we started 8:00a.m. passed on the North Broadway. Sometimes snow touched with my eyebrow. I felt chilly of my face, I felt warm of my body.
Though this morning I contacted with media, BK NEXENT Inc. to meet at Bamboobikestudio at 10:00a.m., I arrived at the 178th street around 9:00a.m. already. When I stopped at the corner of 177th street, one kind gentleman helped me and advised me, " Go to 176th street, use subway A line and transfer F line." So we rode on A line subway, from 176th street. In the train, one guy talked to bamboo bike2, "Wow, gorgeous! Bamboo bike! I have heard about that." and talked to me "How long have you used?". I replied "3 month". He had known about bamboo bike and we talked about manufacturing of bamboo bike in Africa. We transfered the line from A to F, and arrived at the Carrol station, Brooklyn.

We arrived at Brooklyn, snow was dancing in a gray air with no sound. There were many cars, it was heavy traffic in Brooklyn. Relying on a compass and a memo about the location of Bamboobikestudio, asked to 3 gentlemen about the direction, suddenly we found the "Richards street" where Bamboobikestudio located. Generally "the goal" came out in front of us suddenly.
We saw 2 guys standing in the distance, media, BK NEXENT Inc. While feeling sorry for late arrival, I felt a sense of relief. I talked to bamboo bike2,"Hey, we had arrived." Bamboo bike did not replied. I thought about the each time in passed States, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia, Washington D.C., Merry Land, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. We passed on the bumpy road made from bricks of stone slowly, each memory passed on the busy own map made from my brain of head swiftly. In last 0.2miles though it was short distance, I felt as if I traveled so long miles. I felt the temperature of the body of bamboo bike2 under my body. I and bamboo bike2 arrived at the final destination, Bamboobikestudio at 11:00a.m. Snow fallen, in Brooklyn, New York.

I was interviewed by Japanese media,

"How is the feeling now?"
"How do you think the riding in New York?"
"What have you learned in this trip?"
"What supproted you in this trip?
"How will you run your business?" ...

2 hours had passed, we were interviewed in the Brooklyn Bridge Park, and downtown in New York.

Bamboo bike cross country U.S.A. Trip 2010;
Date: 2010/9/10 ~2010/12/6 
Distance: 4,368.9miles (7,281.5km)
          Bamboo bike1 record (before accident): 2,979.3miles, 2010/9/10-10/28
          Bamboo bike2 record (after accident):  1,389.6miles, 2010/11/11-12/6
Start/Goal: from Bamboosero in Santa Cruz,CA to Bamboobikestudio in Brooklyn,NYC
Passed States: California,Nevada,Utah,Colorado,Kansas,Missouri,Illinois,Kentucky,Virginia, Washington D.C. Merry Land, Pennsylvania,New Jersey, and New York

After interview I met Chris in downtown of New York, asked him to look after some items which I lent from Ben Strong. We talked for a while at the cafe. After I said to bye-bye to Chris, I walked to the Grand Central Station with bamboo bike2. We came back to Helena and Mansheng's home by train. Mansheng cooked dinner delicious tofu foods and chicken foods. Before dinner, in celebration of the achievement of this bamboo bike trip, Helena, Mansheng and Chloe uncorked new white wine bottle for me and bamboo bike and congratulate for us. 
Mansheng's dinner were the greatest, also white wine tasted the finest at this night. I thought the numerous stars which I saw in Escalante, Utah also must celebrate us. Basking in the aftermath, I talked to Mansheng about bamboo, he showed me a bamboo chopping board, glued laminated bamboo product, and talked about design, Nature.

I packed my belongings, preparing departure of tomorrow, Mansheng helped me to pack bamboo bike2. Helena arranged "car service to airport" for me. Finishing packing, in the room, I looked outside through a glass of window, I saw the small light in dark in the distance. As time went by, a feeling of joy at achievement this trip bubbled up inside me more. I was helped many many people in this trip. Thank you so much. Though I organized this journey partly from the emotion for my gratitude for kind American people whom I met this March in San Francisco Bay Area, I already had been given more kindness, hospitality by people in this trip. I want to repay for this kindness and hospitality, through my Bamboo Samurai's business, through my activity in society. There is a big candle light in my heart, it is my gratitude for you, the people who helped me, supported me. Samurai never forget kindness from others. Good night. We will leave from United States tomorrow.
 Takashi 2010/12/6 @Bamboobikestudio

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