December 13, 2010

12/9 @Komae City ~face for next phase~

Fine day, Komae City

I stayed at my home in Tokyo today, enjoyed talking to my aunt, and playing with "Chibi", "Nisuke". Early morning I woke up and  I put belongings in order partly. At 5:30a.m. I and my aunt gathered in a dinning room and talked about my journey, latest Japanese news. I saw Mt.Fuji, the highest mountain, on the top of mountain there was snow, beautiful mountain.
I felt peace, calm, the beauty with seeing Mt.Fuji. Because I have not climb Mt.Fuji, so I want to climb Mt.Fuji during staying in Tokyo. (climb with bamboo bike? yeah, of course, I am considering.)

Because my hair has been long (for 3 month, hair has grown), I went to a beauty salon near home in Komae city. After lunch, I felt sleepiness suddenly, so took nap. Evening, bamboo bike2 was delivered to home from airport. Bamboo bike2 stayed in a room adjacent my room with a wardrobe, stored foods, cleaners, umbrellas. Bamboo bike2 was injured at some points, pedal, wire of rear durailleur right side front carrier and hundlebar. Pedal, toe clip of right leg was broken, so I could not hold right leg, Wire was cut off, could not change gear of rear durailleur, screw was broken in half, could not put bag on, handlebar bent.
"Good work, bamboo bike2" I said. Bamboo bike seemed to be very tired to me. "OK, please take rest, and sleep well, and I will take you to bike shop soon this weekend, I am sorry, bamboo bike2"

After meeting with bamboo bike2, I prepared for tomorrow's class of University. I must write thesis facing for graduation in March. Though I am late compared with other classmates, many experiences, interviews in this trip will support me. And I will take admission examination of Ph.D of mechanical engineering of Doshisha University in February, to make bamboo bike by my hands, by myself. I and bamboo bike2 put our first foot and pedal to the second phase since today. Suddenly, I felt sleepiness again... Oops...maybe...jet lag...Good sle...e...p...    Takashi 2010/12/9 @Komae City


  1. お帰りなさい!

  2. 隅除輪業さん
    おはようございます、返信遅れてすいません、アメリカ横断中もたくさんのコメントをいただき僕は元気をいただきました、ほんとうにありがとうございます、ひきつづき、仲良くしてください、一緒に自転車から少しでも日本をよい方向に向かうよう変えて行きたいと思います。またお会いする日を楽しみにしています。今、Bamboo bikeは大阪です  松元