December 7, 2010

12/3 @Philadelphia

12/3 Fine day, @Philadelphia

Todya was off day, also special day to me!
Today I organized the route, schedule, and changed the destination of tomorrow, from New York to Edison, NJ. Because I decided it would be danger biking in the dark, heavy traffic in New York.
I visited the bike shop in Carpenter Ln, "Electric Bicycles", and talked to the owner about the route. He gave me advice, and his friend showed me the place on the website where some bike maps posted up.
This afternoon I went downtown in Philly and visited some historical places, City Hall, Liberty Bell, Constitution center, Independence Hall. I felt good atmosphere, fusion between new and old, latest and historic, while walking down town, listening Jazz music, seeing some wall paintings, some coach.
Suddenly one song came to mind, "Streets of Philadelphia". It was getting colder, sometimes I dropped by the shops and warm body.

I came back to house at 4:00p.m. and spent time to check e-mail and route. Warren cooked hot soup for me. Warren and I went out to Japanese restaurant. On the way we dropped by restaurant and bought beer, "Stella Altois". Though I wondered why he bought beers at that time, Ellen taught me about the story, "BYOB", Bring Your Own Bottles, in the restaurant.
And on the way we met Ellen in front of her office and we went to "Sagami", precious Japanese restaurant.

Entering Sagami, Oh, Japanese! The staff talked in Japanese, menu was written in Japanese, "ASARINO SAKAMUSHI", "SUKIYAKI", "SASHIMI", "TSUKEMONO","SAKE",,,many many. And in the restaurant there were many people enjoying Japanese foods, I felt Japanese foods were fashionable around here. Tasted tyo nice, these foods were really Japanese taste, the scenery of restaurant and "Izakaya" (means Pubs in English) in Japan. For some time, I forgot time in United States, I traveled time-slip-journey in Japan as if I was flying using bamboo broom...meditation...
Was this caused by the effect of Sake? I did not know... I had great time with Warren and Ellen, felt happy, thank you so much. After coming back to home, Suki watched TV sitting in front of TV.

"Beer Blog"
Stella Altois: Belgium beer. Very tasty, not creamy. A little bit sweet, and also contained bitter flavor as after taste. It is good beer, I like.

I looked at the mirror, my face had turned red a little. Good feeling,,,Wonderful night,,,thank you so much, Warren and Ellen. Good night...  Takashi 2010/12/3 @Philadelphia

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