December 8, 2010

12/4 @Edison

12/4 Fine day, from Philly to Edison, 70miles

"Ohayo-Gozaimasu" (Good morning in English) Ellen and I said each other this morning. I cooked breakfast and ate, 4 scrambled eggs, rice, tomatoes, bread with cheese, and some vegetables. Before starting Warren and Ellen arranged today's route for us. They were so kind. While talking about route, "Blueberry" flew some times in the room, "Blueberry" was a beautiful, colorful bird, with blue head and green wings. Ellen gave me some fancy candles for the Hanukkah dinner party of tomorrow which will be held in Dobbs Ferry, and also gave a letter with a piece of wing of "Blueberry". That was very beautiful. That one piece of wing will help us to go to New York as if "Blueberry" flew over. The time to go has come, though I missed them but we must go, we said bye-bye to Warren, Ellen and Suki. At that time Ellen also kindly sent, advised one message to a business student standing nearby a bamboo bike, "Don't miss the Market". She had master of business degree and also professional of finance. It was impressive word for me and want to keep in mind in the future running my bamboo business. Thank you so much, in their house I always felt relax and happiness, I was glad to spend time with you in this trip.

I passed a bike pass, called "Topath", and passed Trenton, Princeton. In a bike pass, I saw some beautiful birds floating on the creek. While biking along the streaming creek on bike path, I felt static, comfortable, peace and breath of Nature. In Princeton, I saw the statue of Einstein, some students made a circle and singing a Christmas song on the main street. And I dropped by a bike shop in Princeton, " KOPP'S CYCLE". I talked about bamboo bike and our trip for a while, and was given the direction from Princeton to Edison.

At the end of today, the point of remaining distance was about 4miles, we hit glass and rear tire became flat. So I walked to the place to stay tonight with bamboo bike. It was already dark, around 5:30p.m. We arrived at Edison, 6:00p.m. When I arrived at today's destination, I felt relief and a little tired. After arriving at the motel in Edison, I cooked a big dinner, I used remaining foods staff. This cooking time tonight would be the last time for cooking dinner in this trip...  I cooked 1 Ramen, 1 cheese broccorri rice, 1 pasta, 2 packs of oatmeal, and was good foods. I have learned about cooking outside, before this trip I could not only make boiled water, but now I can cook many kinds of foods. I said thank you for my small stove and cooking set with a small voice.
I remembered the first night of cooking outside with Ben Strong at Strawberry lodge campground, felt happy, felt nostalgia, almost 3 month passed since that time. After eating dinner, I lay on the bed with feeling some tired, and thought various things,about trip, bamboo bike, business, bamboo bike market, difference of response to bamboo bike between Japanese people and American people, my family, my fiance, my friends...many, many,,,

Tomorrow we will go aim to New York finally, I will fix flat tire early morning tomorrow. The remaining days are just 2days, to New York, and to Bamboobikestudio. Wow, just 2 day, it was 2/90 = 2.2% of this trip. 98% was done...though I saw bamboo bike2, bamboo bike2 was still.
Good night, bamboo bike2.  Takashi 2010/12/4 @Edison

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