December 10, 2010

12/7 Flight

12/7 from JFK airport, New York, to Narita airport, Tokyo by airplane

I woke up 5:00a.m. and changed clothes, prepared for departure quickly. I ate New York style breakfast, bagel with swiss cheese and some coffee,  with Helena, Mansheng, Chloe, Despite of early morning, Helena, Mansheng and Chloe got up and ate breakfast with, for me, thank you so much. Helena showed me some bamboo related issues and social enterprise related issues for me.
Aroud car service came in front of house, I must go. At the last day of this trip, I was tyo happy and glad to stay here in Dobbs Ferry with Helena, Mansheng, and Chloe who had high green conscious, and kindness. With them, I had precious time, also I used some bamboo products, saw bamboo products, and felt artistic atmosphere. Thank you so much.
I said bye-bye to Helena, Mansheng, Chloe.

Car servise drove good, though there were many cars on the road, traffic jam did not occur. I saw the stadium of New York Mets, the office of New York Times, and the high buildings on the right side. I arrived at JFK airport at 8:20a.m. Finishing taking steps to departure's process at Korean Air, I spend time calling Ben Strong, and Ben Walker. Though my charge remained only $4.40, I could talk to them. (After call, the remaining charge was only 0.20$! Thank you my mobile phone, I was helped by mobile phone many times.)
Departure time: 12:45 from JFK, arrived at Narita, Tokyo at 20:45. In the airplane I spent time to read some magazines, a book "God and the businessman", and wrote diary. I ate in-flight meal, three times, the first was "Bibimpa", the second was fish, the third was chicken. Bibimpa was good.

I arrived at Narita, Tokyo, it was already dark, there were little people in airport. Japan, for the first time in 3 months. I called my parents, aunt and fiance. I left bamboo bike2 and some belongings in delivery service and took bus. Bus carried me to Shinjuku, busy town, saw many people in streets. I took train and arrived at home in Tokyo at 11:30p.m.

My aunt, "Chibi" and "Nisuke" waited for me and aunt cooked some hot delicious foods for me.
Chibi jumped toward me, I felt happy. " Hey, Chibi, you remember me, thank you!" I and aunt talked about a story of journey till 2:00a.m...the continuation of a story will be talked for some time, for some days, in dinning room.

I want to reply some questions partly from media on this blog as follows,

1."How is the feeling now?"

Tyo good, I feel happy each time when I remember each time, each place, each people in journey.
I think bamboo bike2 also feel so.

2."How do you think the riding in New York?"

Heavy traffic in downtown gave me some stress, but there were some wonderful places and bike trails, these gave me good feeling, I felt fun.
Particularly the time passing on the G.W.Bridge with bamboo bike2 has been precious for me, and also a treasure of mine in the future. And the north area, Yonkers, Dobbs Ferry were good place for biking, little cars, some good hills.

3."What have you learned in this trip?"

Many things... about bike, touring (what is important in bike touring?), how to bike fix, camping, equipments, how to cook, scenery, Christianity, language, local language, local food, Venison, Deer hunt, Halloween night, Thanksgiving day, of course local beer. Many many...  I can pull out one after another. The most impressive thing I have the hospitality of American people, that is wonderful, I felt strong emotion, never forget their kindness.

4."What supproted you in this trip?"

Parents, fiance, aunt, bamboo bike, Ben Strong, Ben Kyler, Ben Walker, Lew Legacy, Dorothy, Cathy, David Cuzy, Kristen, Brian, Michael, Alek, Deno, Patrick, Ellen, Helen...many many many....also car drivers on the road...many many many...
And also "the God of bamboo" or "the God of United States" or "the God", I am feeling so now. I want to study about Christianity and Buddhism more.

5. "How will you run your business?"

Samurai Spirit, Aspiration, Passion, Braveness, Just do it. Never give up, Poweufulness, Business skill, and with bamboo bike, with Japanese bamboo, with world's bamboo, with people who support us, I will learn about bike, bamboo bike and bamboo, hospitality, how to contribute to society in both my following journey of 7 continents with bamboo bike and in lifelong study.

The last question, from me, to myself, I questioned to myself, it was the last question of this journey,

"What is the attractiveness of bamboo bike? How is the feeling?"

Without bamboo bike, I am not here. Bamboo bike gave me numerous chanses to meet wonderful people to have precious time, to see numerous stars, and taught me about bike, touring bike, how to bike fix, how to pack. Bamboo bike will give me precious chances in the future, too. I love bamboo bike. The difference between bamboo bike and the other bike made from other materials?  Sorry, I just only know about bamboo bike, it is special.

("bamboo", Mountain Democrat)

"To dearest all people who helped us, supported us";
Hello, we are fine!
Thank you so much! I was always given energy and power by you on the road, off the road. I never forget your hospitality and kindness.
I and bambo bike2 miss you, I and bamboo bike2 miss Unites States, but
I will be always with bamboo bike on the road, because bamboo bike is my sword.
See you again, our friends!

("bamboo bike with gun at Golconda, IL" , Bamboosero, Golconda) 

Takashi 2010/12/7 @Tokyo


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  2. 無事にお帰りになられたようで何よりです!

  3. Takashi, it was such a great experience meeting you and we are all very happy and thankful you made it the rest of the way across our country with no further accidents. thank you so much for mentioning me as one of your supporters on your trip across the USA. We met by chance twice for a reason.. we havent figured out exactly why though, but i dont think we need to question it. I am so very happy to have met you in 2 different places and be considered your forever friend.. and i agree.. we miss you but we're keeping up with you on your blog so keep posting!!.. I enjoyed reading about your meal on Korean Air, the Bibimbap.. ahhh yes, I began thinking about my year is Korea so long ago.. Anyway, until we get to see you again, either here or there.. Peace to you my forever friend!

  4. 返信遅れてしまってすいません
    次に会う日を楽しみにしています 松元

  5. hello,Chris, thank you so much for posting, I could understand about culture related to bagel in New York, alas! I see, I enjoyed eating bagel with swiss cheese, with coffee so much in New York! Next time in New York, I will enjoy bagel more, learning about bagel more. Thanks! Takashi

  6. Hello, rashid2626, thank you so much for posting, I feel happy, I will keep posting, also want to make website, during proceeding my business, journey with bamboo bike, hope you will keep in touch. Takashi

  7. Hello, my forever friend, Lew, so sorry for late response, and thank you for posting. I feel happy whenever hearing from you, Now I make efforts to write thesis of University. And today is Christmas Eve (in Japan), I will spend time with my parents, also fiance in Kobe.
    Have a wonderful Christmas! Takashi