December 28, 2010

12/29 the Winter solstice

12/29, Fine day, Kumatori-town, Osaka, 10miles

I start fund-raising on “facebook causes” to raise awareness Eco friendly life more by providing some bamboo products. I want to donate some bamboo gardens and bamboo bowls and plates to the Glide Memorial Church, a nonprofit organization in San Francisco, visited this March under ESI program which VIA provided, gave me an inspiration to start my journey cross country United States with bamboo bike.

Bamboo garden: I want to purchase 4 bamboo gardens from Bamboo Giant, located in Santa Cruz, visited on Sep 8 2010 with bamboo bike, a partner on this donation project, they will give 25% discount on any and all bamboo gardens which I purchase from them. These bamboo gardens will go on display in “the creative space” of Glide Memorial Church which is a very pleasant small gallery used for glide's members and guest art exhibits. The room has high ceiling (12-15 feet high), and uses lots of recycled and renewable materials, including bamboo flooring.

Bamboo bowls and plates: I want to purchase 20-25 bamboo bowls and plates from any company. These bamboo bowls and plates will be used to provide cooking classes to neighbors in the community about improving diets through cooking healthier meals using local ingredients in "the new demonstration kitchen" of Glide Memorial Church.

On Dec 22, this day is called “Touji” in Japan, the winter solstice, on this day night time is longest in a year (also day time is shortest in a year). And there are some traditions on that day in Japan, some people put some Citrus junos into a bath, and take such bath, also eat pumpkin. I took a bath with 3 Citrus junos, also ate pumpkin. Now in Osaka, my hometown, it is getting colder,   it had already snowed a little twice, not covered the ground. I spend wonderful time with my family.  Takashi 2010/12/29 @Kumatori, Osaka

December 21, 2010

12/22 Thesis hour, prepare for back to Hometown

12/22 Rain day, Komae city, 10miles

After back to Japan, busy days have been continued in school, reading documents, also writing thesis. This week I passed delayed midterm examination of thesis. Because of bamboo bike-journey for 3 month in United States, I was delayed compared to other classmates as concerns writing thesis. Though I was permitted to postpone to hand out thesis for midterm exam by school, this week I passed midterm exam 2 month later than the other classmates. But I feel good to pass midterm exam this week, also I got many e-mails from my friends whom I met in journey in United States, also who are readers of this blog! Tyo happy, thank you so much, my frineds!
We business students in Keio University, must pass 3 steps of examination, first step is "proposal exam", second step is "midterm exam", and the last step is "accomplish, announcement". My next step is the "last step", due date will be January 6 to accomplish writing (the first) thesis (after January 6, I will be able to add writing till the end of March), and hand out. Furthermore, due date will be January 15 to announce, do presentation to the other classmates and students.
My theme is "Considering of a business model of bamboo bike and verify an effectiveness of bamboo bike for bamboo business in Japan as a marketing tower".  I will write good thesis using many experiences and interviews which many people gave/ inspired me, also many experiences I have had traveled with bamboo bike.

Every early morning since back to Japan, I have gone outside with bamboo bike, enjoyed biking. Recently, I enjoyed climbing a short-uphill three time a day which located in Seijo, Tokyo. This uphill locates near my house, very short(about 170feet long) but it let me remind a uphill in Missouri. So I climb this uphill with enormous power three times in a row. Good feeling, as if I saw the colorful trees in Missouri.

Also recently I like to listen songs of John Mayer. Particularly, I like to listen, "Heartbreak Warfare", "Half of My Heart", and "War of My Life". His voice is in an undertone, keep in low key, so there are little rising and falling of tones, but his voice contains a sense of peace, a sense of grief, a sense of nostalgia, his voice let me feel so. Cool. My recent favorite.

My friend whom I met in Bryce Canyon sent me some photos and e-mail this week, I felt tyo happy because that day when I and he biked together around Bryce Canyon, was one of the most impressive, happiest day of journey, also he taught me how to ride bike. I show some photos, which were taken in Utah, wide-scaled beautiful scenery, great Utah, and I got tanned much...

I bought one book about bamboo to study how bamboo has been introduced to international, the title is "bamboo in japan". There are many photograph in this book, also many bamboo products are introduced attached with photos. Bamboo products which I have not yet known are also introduced, for example, bamboo dolls and chochin(lantern). I felt strong emotion to see photos of beautiful bamboo crafts, bamboo basketry, bamboo garden, bamboo architecture, bamboo umbrella, bamboo lantern, bamboo kite, bamboo doll, bamboo fence, bamboo fishing pole, many many. This book let me remind that I am Japanese, let me feel beauty of bamboo, let me feel Japanese life long long ago(nostalgia), let me feel beauty of Japan, this book inspires me much. (bamboo bike is not yet introduced in this book...will be on the next edition?!)

(bamboo in Japan, Nancy Moore Bess)

About my "Bamboo Donation project", I already contacted some partners to support me.
Also I am constructing "causes" on Facebook, to fund-raise. I plant to donate to Glide Church some bamboo plants inside the church, and 20-25 bamboo diningwares in the kitchen of the chuch which provides cooking classes to neighbors in the community about improving diets through cooking healthier meals using local ingredients.
"Bamboo Doanation project", After accomplishing journey, I am proceeding a project now, I plan to donate some bamboo plants and some bamboo dinningwares to Glide Church in San Francisco in March to raise awareness Eco-friendly life more after fundraising term (Christmas to end of February).

(bamboo in Japan, Nancy Moore Bess)

(bamboo in Japan, Nancy Moore Bess)

Tonight I will go back to hometown, Osaka by bus. Bamboo bike2 already shipped to Osaka yesterday. We will stay in Osaka with my parents both during year-end and new year, looking forward to seeing, also we will enjoy biking around in Osaka area. Have a wonderful Christmas, my friends! It rains heavy in Tokyo, this early morning.

P.S. BS-TBS「銀輪の風」2011/1/10 23:30-24:00において、私と竹自転車のドキュメンタリーが放送されます。ぜひ、ご覧下さい
2010/12/22 @Tokyo

December 17, 2010

12/16 Jet lag, also recent circumstances with bamboo bike

12/16 Fine day, around Komae city 10miles

Jet lag has been suffered me, suddenly I felt sleepiness, sometimes I felt sleepiness during the day, sometimes I felt strong sleepiness after lunch andd dinner, also sometimes still woke up early morning, 1:30a.m.,2:30a.m.,3:30a.m. Oops... I stayed as if I was still in United States.

Since back to Japan I have cooked own breakfast. I cooked "My aunt morning special" every morning.
the recipe; 1/2 tomato, 1 egg, 3 sausages, 1/2 avocado, a bunch of onion, a bunch of cheese, on the bagel. I ate 4 bagels every morning. My aunt taught me this recipe the next day of arrival at her home in Tokyo. I enjoyed myself cooking breakfast much, also it tasted tyo delicious. Will I challenge to cook lunch? dinner? hmm..of course!

Since arriving back at Japan,I and bamboo bike2 continue to run together around Komae city in Tokyo, for a few hours every early morning. We have often run along a river, the Nogawa River, there I can see some water birds, see steam rising from the face of the river, also beautiful sunrise, and Mt.Fuji. I enjoyed biking with bamboo bike2 also in Tokyo. Tokyo was not so cold yet compared to in Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York.
Yesterday I met Hiro, who works at Japanese media company and has been taking video of my journey with bamboo bike. I met him and cameraman in Shinjuku, one of the biggest district in Tokyo, I was interviewed and taken video there by him. After that we ate dinner. Hiro is working a documentary about "Bamboo bike and me" since this August. Today's shooting and interview were the last ones. He will accomplish that documentary soon, also that video produced by him will be set on air on January 10,2011, at 23:30-24:00, BS-TBS, in Japan. Also that video will be his first work of his career. I am feeling happy to appear on his first screen. Of course, I and bamboo bike are looking forward to seeing that video.

2011/Junuary 10, 23:30-24:00, BS-TBS, "Ginrin no Kaze"

coming soon, set on air,

Also I am constructing fundraising system via "causes" on facebook for my Bamboo donation.
I want to donate bamboo plants and bamboo dinningwares to church in San Francisco with my gratitude. Also I am writing thesis of University for graduation, and must study for an admission examination. Also in Japan there is a traditional ceremony in December, "Bonen Kai", this is a party, to eat nice foods, drink beer, Sake, talk about the happening which ocurred in this year 2010, and to welcome New Year. Depend on individuals, Japanese people usually participate in "Bonen Kai" 2 or 3 times in December, some people more times. I also must participate this party this year.

With Samsoon pig, this pig is tyo pretty, which appeared in Korean TV drama, "My lovely Samsoon", one of my favorite drama. Whenever I see this pig, that let me feel peace, let me forget busy time.  

Takashi 2010/12/16 @Komae-city

December 13, 2010

12/9 @Komae City ~face for next phase~

Fine day, Komae City

I stayed at my home in Tokyo today, enjoyed talking to my aunt, and playing with "Chibi", "Nisuke". Early morning I woke up and  I put belongings in order partly. At 5:30a.m. I and my aunt gathered in a dinning room and talked about my journey, latest Japanese news. I saw Mt.Fuji, the highest mountain, on the top of mountain there was snow, beautiful mountain.
I felt peace, calm, the beauty with seeing Mt.Fuji. Because I have not climb Mt.Fuji, so I want to climb Mt.Fuji during staying in Tokyo. (climb with bamboo bike? yeah, of course, I am considering.)

Because my hair has been long (for 3 month, hair has grown), I went to a beauty salon near home in Komae city. After lunch, I felt sleepiness suddenly, so took nap. Evening, bamboo bike2 was delivered to home from airport. Bamboo bike2 stayed in a room adjacent my room with a wardrobe, stored foods, cleaners, umbrellas. Bamboo bike2 was injured at some points, pedal, wire of rear durailleur right side front carrier and hundlebar. Pedal, toe clip of right leg was broken, so I could not hold right leg, Wire was cut off, could not change gear of rear durailleur, screw was broken in half, could not put bag on, handlebar bent.
"Good work, bamboo bike2" I said. Bamboo bike seemed to be very tired to me. "OK, please take rest, and sleep well, and I will take you to bike shop soon this weekend, I am sorry, bamboo bike2"

After meeting with bamboo bike2, I prepared for tomorrow's class of University. I must write thesis facing for graduation in March. Though I am late compared with other classmates, many experiences, interviews in this trip will support me. And I will take admission examination of Ph.D of mechanical engineering of Doshisha University in February, to make bamboo bike by my hands, by myself. I and bamboo bike2 put our first foot and pedal to the second phase since today. Suddenly, I felt sleepiness again... Oops...maybe...jet lag...Good sle...e...p...    Takashi 2010/12/9 @Komae City

December 10, 2010

12/7 Flight

12/7 from JFK airport, New York, to Narita airport, Tokyo by airplane

I woke up 5:00a.m. and changed clothes, prepared for departure quickly. I ate New York style breakfast, bagel with swiss cheese and some coffee,  with Helena, Mansheng, Chloe, Despite of early morning, Helena, Mansheng and Chloe got up and ate breakfast with, for me, thank you so much. Helena showed me some bamboo related issues and social enterprise related issues for me.
Aroud car service came in front of house, I must go. At the last day of this trip, I was tyo happy and glad to stay here in Dobbs Ferry with Helena, Mansheng, and Chloe who had high green conscious, and kindness. With them, I had precious time, also I used some bamboo products, saw bamboo products, and felt artistic atmosphere. Thank you so much.
I said bye-bye to Helena, Mansheng, Chloe.

Car servise drove good, though there were many cars on the road, traffic jam did not occur. I saw the stadium of New York Mets, the office of New York Times, and the high buildings on the right side. I arrived at JFK airport at 8:20a.m. Finishing taking steps to departure's process at Korean Air, I spend time calling Ben Strong, and Ben Walker. Though my charge remained only $4.40, I could talk to them. (After call, the remaining charge was only 0.20$! Thank you my mobile phone, I was helped by mobile phone many times.)
Departure time: 12:45 from JFK, arrived at Narita, Tokyo at 20:45. In the airplane I spent time to read some magazines, a book "God and the businessman", and wrote diary. I ate in-flight meal, three times, the first was "Bibimpa", the second was fish, the third was chicken. Bibimpa was good.

I arrived at Narita, Tokyo, it was already dark, there were little people in airport. Japan, for the first time in 3 months. I called my parents, aunt and fiance. I left bamboo bike2 and some belongings in delivery service and took bus. Bus carried me to Shinjuku, busy town, saw many people in streets. I took train and arrived at home in Tokyo at 11:30p.m.

My aunt, "Chibi" and "Nisuke" waited for me and aunt cooked some hot delicious foods for me.
Chibi jumped toward me, I felt happy. " Hey, Chibi, you remember me, thank you!" I and aunt talked about a story of journey till 2:00a.m...the continuation of a story will be talked for some time, for some days, in dinning room.

I want to reply some questions partly from media on this blog as follows,

1."How is the feeling now?"

Tyo good, I feel happy each time when I remember each time, each place, each people in journey.
I think bamboo bike2 also feel so.

2."How do you think the riding in New York?"

Heavy traffic in downtown gave me some stress, but there were some wonderful places and bike trails, these gave me good feeling, I felt fun.
Particularly the time passing on the G.W.Bridge with bamboo bike2 has been precious for me, and also a treasure of mine in the future. And the north area, Yonkers, Dobbs Ferry were good place for biking, little cars, some good hills.

3."What have you learned in this trip?"

Many things... about bike, touring (what is important in bike touring?), how to bike fix, camping, equipments, how to cook, scenery, Christianity, language, local language, local food, Venison, Deer hunt, Halloween night, Thanksgiving day, of course local beer. Many many...  I can pull out one after another. The most impressive thing I have the hospitality of American people, that is wonderful, I felt strong emotion, never forget their kindness.

4."What supproted you in this trip?"

Parents, fiance, aunt, bamboo bike, Ben Strong, Ben Kyler, Ben Walker, Lew Legacy, Dorothy, Cathy, David Cuzy, Kristen, Brian, Michael, Alek, Deno, Patrick, Ellen, Helen...many many many....also car drivers on the road...many many many...
And also "the God of bamboo" or "the God of United States" or "the God", I am feeling so now. I want to study about Christianity and Buddhism more.

5. "How will you run your business?"

Samurai Spirit, Aspiration, Passion, Braveness, Just do it. Never give up, Poweufulness, Business skill, and with bamboo bike, with Japanese bamboo, with world's bamboo, with people who support us, I will learn about bike, bamboo bike and bamboo, hospitality, how to contribute to society in both my following journey of 7 continents with bamboo bike and in lifelong study.

The last question, from me, to myself, I questioned to myself, it was the last question of this journey,

"What is the attractiveness of bamboo bike? How is the feeling?"

Without bamboo bike, I am not here. Bamboo bike gave me numerous chanses to meet wonderful people to have precious time, to see numerous stars, and taught me about bike, touring bike, how to bike fix, how to pack. Bamboo bike will give me precious chances in the future, too. I love bamboo bike. The difference between bamboo bike and the other bike made from other materials?  Sorry, I just only know about bamboo bike, it is special.

("bamboo", Mountain Democrat)

"To dearest all people who helped us, supported us";
Hello, we are fine!
Thank you so much! I was always given energy and power by you on the road, off the road. I never forget your hospitality and kindness.
I and bambo bike2 miss you, I and bamboo bike2 miss Unites States, but
I will be always with bamboo bike on the road, because bamboo bike is my sword.
See you again, our friends!

("bamboo bike with gun at Golconda, IL" , Bamboosero, Golconda) 

Takashi 2010/12/7 @Tokyo

12/6 Bamboobikestudio

12/6 Snow day, from Dobbs Ferry to Bamboobikestudio, 14.2miles

The 91th day of this trip was held in snow, the last day of this trip aim to Bamboobikestudio, our final destination, I felt unexplained feeling of satisfaction. I ate bagel with swiss cheese with some cup of coffee, New York Style breakfast, Helena cooked me, tyo good. In snow falling, we started 8:00a.m. passed on the North Broadway. Sometimes snow touched with my eyebrow. I felt chilly of my face, I felt warm of my body.
Though this morning I contacted with media, BK NEXENT Inc. to meet at Bamboobikestudio at 10:00a.m., I arrived at the 178th street around 9:00a.m. already. When I stopped at the corner of 177th street, one kind gentleman helped me and advised me, " Go to 176th street, use subway A line and transfer F line." So we rode on A line subway, from 176th street. In the train, one guy talked to bamboo bike2, "Wow, gorgeous! Bamboo bike! I have heard about that." and talked to me "How long have you used?". I replied "3 month". He had known about bamboo bike and we talked about manufacturing of bamboo bike in Africa. We transfered the line from A to F, and arrived at the Carrol station, Brooklyn.

We arrived at Brooklyn, snow was dancing in a gray air with no sound. There were many cars, it was heavy traffic in Brooklyn. Relying on a compass and a memo about the location of Bamboobikestudio, asked to 3 gentlemen about the direction, suddenly we found the "Richards street" where Bamboobikestudio located. Generally "the goal" came out in front of us suddenly.
We saw 2 guys standing in the distance, media, BK NEXENT Inc. While feeling sorry for late arrival, I felt a sense of relief. I talked to bamboo bike2,"Hey, we had arrived." Bamboo bike did not replied. I thought about the each time in passed States, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia, Washington D.C., Merry Land, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. We passed on the bumpy road made from bricks of stone slowly, each memory passed on the busy own map made from my brain of head swiftly. In last 0.2miles though it was short distance, I felt as if I traveled so long miles. I felt the temperature of the body of bamboo bike2 under my body. I and bamboo bike2 arrived at the final destination, Bamboobikestudio at 11:00a.m. Snow fallen, in Brooklyn, New York.

I was interviewed by Japanese media,

"How is the feeling now?"
"How do you think the riding in New York?"
"What have you learned in this trip?"
"What supproted you in this trip?
"How will you run your business?" ...

2 hours had passed, we were interviewed in the Brooklyn Bridge Park, and downtown in New York.

Bamboo bike cross country U.S.A. Trip 2010;
Date: 2010/9/10 ~2010/12/6 
Distance: 4,368.9miles (7,281.5km)
          Bamboo bike1 record (before accident): 2,979.3miles, 2010/9/10-10/28
          Bamboo bike2 record (after accident):  1,389.6miles, 2010/11/11-12/6
Start/Goal: from Bamboosero in Santa Cruz,CA to Bamboobikestudio in Brooklyn,NYC
Passed States: California,Nevada,Utah,Colorado,Kansas,Missouri,Illinois,Kentucky,Virginia, Washington D.C. Merry Land, Pennsylvania,New Jersey, and New York

After interview I met Chris in downtown of New York, asked him to look after some items which I lent from Ben Strong. We talked for a while at the cafe. After I said to bye-bye to Chris, I walked to the Grand Central Station with bamboo bike2. We came back to Helena and Mansheng's home by train. Mansheng cooked dinner delicious tofu foods and chicken foods. Before dinner, in celebration of the achievement of this bamboo bike trip, Helena, Mansheng and Chloe uncorked new white wine bottle for me and bamboo bike and congratulate for us. 
Mansheng's dinner were the greatest, also white wine tasted the finest at this night. I thought the numerous stars which I saw in Escalante, Utah also must celebrate us. Basking in the aftermath, I talked to Mansheng about bamboo, he showed me a bamboo chopping board, glued laminated bamboo product, and talked about design, Nature.

I packed my belongings, preparing departure of tomorrow, Mansheng helped me to pack bamboo bike2. Helena arranged "car service to airport" for me. Finishing packing, in the room, I looked outside through a glass of window, I saw the small light in dark in the distance. As time went by, a feeling of joy at achievement this trip bubbled up inside me more. I was helped many many people in this trip. Thank you so much. Though I organized this journey partly from the emotion for my gratitude for kind American people whom I met this March in San Francisco Bay Area, I already had been given more kindness, hospitality by people in this trip. I want to repay for this kindness and hospitality, through my Bamboo Samurai's business, through my activity in society. There is a big candle light in my heart, it is my gratitude for you, the people who helped me, supported me. Samurai never forget kindness from others. Good night. We will leave from United States tomorrow.
 Takashi 2010/12/6 @Bamboobikestudio

December 9, 2010

The last Bamboo fish appeared

The last "Bamboo fish" appeared in the pond, because we have biked, 4,354,7miles(7,257.8km) since Sep 10. We passed the last transit point, 7,000km. The pond was filled all green fish, bamboo fish. I felt unexplained happiness. Such like this pond I will contribute to diffuse bamboo resources, raise awareness of Eco friendly life, of neglected bamboo forests in the future. At the end of this trip I will change the stage of this pond, from United States to all continents. So it means, in the pond, one Bamboo fish will be swimming, this one Bamboo fish is the symbol of "Cross North America with bamboo bike", the pond is the symbol of 7 continents, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Europe. Now in my plan next trip will be "Cross China" with bamboo bike, because there are many knowledge and experiences about bamboo in China,
I want to research about the Chinese bamboo, interview with Chinese people about bamboo bike, and build connection with many Chinese people, with bamboo bike. And in next trip, I will travel with bamboo bike which I design/ build by my hands, by myself. This is my latest aspiration for the next trip. Please keep in touch, support me and bamboo bike!

"To learn all we can and teach all we can"  , this is the goal of "Hindman settlement school" the best school in the mountains, established in 1902 by May Stone and Katherine Pettit in Knott County, Kentucky. I visited in Hindman, Kentucky with bamboo bike. Good sentence, I love this sentence. I felt. When I saw the photos of 2 noble ladies, I felt their strong aspiration, would to contribute to society. I want to / I will contribute to society such like ladies.
"To bike all I can and design/ manufacture all I can with bamboo"

("A bamboo bike goes to Brooklyn", Mountain Democrat)

Takashi 2010/12/5 @Dobbs Ferry
P.S.  "Map system down" I am sorry that Map is blank on my blog. Now I check this problem, and contacted with TripAdvisor, system will be fixed next week.

December 8, 2010

12/5 @Dobbs Ferry ~cross G.W.Bridge~

12/5 Fine day, from Edison to Dobbs Ferry, 56.7miles

I woke up 2:30a.m. and fixed flat tire. Maybe, and I hope, this flat tire will be the last flat tire in this trip. I have learned many things about bike, one is this, how to fix flat tire. Before this trip, I could not know even how to fix flat tire, but now I can fix it fast. While fixing flat tire, I found the other 2 problems, one was that my right toe clip was broken, the another was that rear durailleur's wire was cut off. Though I thought not to change rear gear would let the remaining trip be much tough for us, I did not feel any negative image, I felt "unexplained confidence" that I could pedal tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I did not why. So I decided not to go bike shop, keep going at this condition.

"I was sorry for bamboo bike, I have no time to fix you, but you could endure, and overcome this situation, we already have passed 4,000miles together in a rain day, windy day, uphill, gravel road, windy day, at night, at early morning, you could do it" I said to bamboo bike2. Bamboo bike2 seemed to nod slowly for me. 

I cooked big breakfast, 9 packs of Oat meals, and some cups of coffee. This was the last cooking in this trip. Thank you Oatmeal, thank you farmer who made these oat. I made this morning, the last morning to New York, kept to be an usual morning, so I packed in an usual way, I pasted moisture cream on my face in an usual way, I wore perfume GIO as usual. But in natural, I was getting excited, "unexplained joy" occurred in my heart. Before the start, we took a photo on this memorial day, "OK, let's go, bamboo bike2!".

We started 6:40a.m. it was dark around, but it was no problem, we have already experienced such this darkness of morning. We passed Elizabeth, Newark, Hackensack, and Fort Lee. Today was Sunday, so at early morning and morning traffic around Elizabeth and Newark was not so heavy, I felt my lucky. Around Hackensack I saw the montain on my right side, not Rocky, not Appalachians, the New York mountain, made from buildings, not trees, not red rocks. When I saw the New York mountain, I felt strong unexplained emotions, I stopped for a while, enjoyed many flash backs of this trip. Good feeling! New York was there!

Around Fort Lee I lost way once but asked a policeman about the direction and found the right way. And in this area, some hills there were, also we could not change the gear, so I poured my all energy into the pedals of bamboo bike2. Bamboo bike2 gradually climbed hills at very slow speed. "Hey, good work!" we talked each other while climbing some hills. Over the hills....I saw the bridge, big bridge, beautiful bridge, George Washington Bridge. On the road there were already lots of cars. Though I could not find the entrance to G.W.Bridge, 2 kind pedestrian showed me the direction.

Crossing the bridge, seeing the New York mountain on the right side, I stopped many times. I struck a victory pose many times on the bridge. Unexpected two drops of tears came out of my eyes. But Samurai does not cry for a long time. "We did it" Unexplained Joy I felt. I felt gratitude to people whom I met, who supported us. The shape of this unexplained emotion was big, like a big air balloon covered over the whole sky of United States. I took many photos on the bridge.

After crossing the G.W.Bridge, I headed to north aim to Dobbs Ferry, today's destination. Because there were some hills from South Broadway to Dobbs Ferry, it was tough for my legs, sometimes stopped and took rest, sometimes stopped and ate remaining energy bar, I poured my remaining energy into pedals. We arrived at Helena and Mansheng's home at 1:30p.m. In thier garden we saw bamboo plant, and "Susuki", I felt happy to feel Japan. Mansheng cooked Chinese noodle for us. On the dining table there were many bamboo products, bamboo dining paper, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo tea pots, cups. I was surprised, and felt happy to meet many bamboo products here in New York. And in their home, I heard that they made efforts not to use air conditioner, fighting against global warming. When I heard that I was inspired so much, In Philadelphia, I remembered that Warren also fought against global warming in his own way, he said to me that he wanted to buy hybrid car, first 40miles use bio fuel, after that use gasoline. I was inspired so much by the people with such high green conscious like Warren, Helena, Mansheng and also I think it is great thing that individuals fight against any social problems in their own ways, They have their own good story. One of the most impressive things I have learned in this trip is that "It is very precious to build "own story!" ".  

After eating noodle, we went to Hanukkah dinner party, today was 5th celebrated day. I met many people there and talked. One of them was Jazz musician, I have known for the first time Jazz market in Japan was huge and Japanese Jazz lovers were very passionate. Well, I met new bottle in tonight dinner, name was "Xingu" ,from Brazil, Though I expected the sense of Samba with this beer, I could not get such sense.

"Beer blog"
Xingu: Labeled as a "Black Beer" from Brazil. I felt "light taste", but contained a littke bit more bitter than Coors, Bud. So I prefer this beer to Coors, or Bud. The taste does not change both drinking and after drinking, So it was not bad. But this beer does not contain some enthusiastic sense such like "Brazil Samba" has I expected.

After coming back to home, Mansheng showed me his works in his gallary, he is a painter. he paints landscape, Chinese poem, Buddha, Scripture, Calligraphy. I love his works, I was inspired by his works much. I originally love poems, western poems, Japanese poems, and of course also loves Chinese poems, because Chinese poems let me feel grandeur, nostalgia, stream of long long history like the Yangtze. When I saw his works, the poetic emotion occurred in my heart in natural one after another. If Edgar Poe, Baudelaire, Ryunosuke Akutagawa lived now in the present age and saw Mansheng's works, thy will sure to write some poems. His works have subtle sense, such like "Japanese morning glory" will bloom only when it respond to subtle morning sunlight, these are not powerful, but are filled with something static, peaceful, silent, such like the silence when a deer come close to the creek and take water with no sound, such like the morning haze shined by sunlight through the branches of trees in the Appalachians, the breath of Nature.
Hello, everyone. You may check his works, you will sure to feel a kind of strong impression from his works. This is my recommendation. And also he uses natural resources for paintings, he uses rice paper, bamboo paper as canvas, walnuts ink, bamboo brushes. He gave me much inspirations, also his thought for Nature, Sustainability. Very inspired person, works.

Wang Mansheng: painter
The exhibition will be held at Queens college from next February to May

At night I checked e-mail, replied some response. On the bookshelf of my room at their house an Chinese doll stood. I looked outside window and came close to window, across the window the coldness passed into inside a little,  "The beauty of shape"... I thought about the "Beauty", artistic night, I I thought also about the design of bamboo bike's frame with looking outside...Good night.
Takashi 2010/12/5 @Dobbs Ferry

12/4 @Edison

12/4 Fine day, from Philly to Edison, 70miles

"Ohayo-Gozaimasu" (Good morning in English) Ellen and I said each other this morning. I cooked breakfast and ate, 4 scrambled eggs, rice, tomatoes, bread with cheese, and some vegetables. Before starting Warren and Ellen arranged today's route for us. They were so kind. While talking about route, "Blueberry" flew some times in the room, "Blueberry" was a beautiful, colorful bird, with blue head and green wings. Ellen gave me some fancy candles for the Hanukkah dinner party of tomorrow which will be held in Dobbs Ferry, and also gave a letter with a piece of wing of "Blueberry". That was very beautiful. That one piece of wing will help us to go to New York as if "Blueberry" flew over. The time to go has come, though I missed them but we must go, we said bye-bye to Warren, Ellen and Suki. At that time Ellen also kindly sent, advised one message to a business student standing nearby a bamboo bike, "Don't miss the Market". She had master of business degree and also professional of finance. It was impressive word for me and want to keep in mind in the future running my bamboo business. Thank you so much, in their house I always felt relax and happiness, I was glad to spend time with you in this trip.

I passed a bike pass, called "Topath", and passed Trenton, Princeton. In a bike pass, I saw some beautiful birds floating on the creek. While biking along the streaming creek on bike path, I felt static, comfortable, peace and breath of Nature. In Princeton, I saw the statue of Einstein, some students made a circle and singing a Christmas song on the main street. And I dropped by a bike shop in Princeton, " KOPP'S CYCLE". I talked about bamboo bike and our trip for a while, and was given the direction from Princeton to Edison.

At the end of today, the point of remaining distance was about 4miles, we hit glass and rear tire became flat. So I walked to the place to stay tonight with bamboo bike. It was already dark, around 5:30p.m. We arrived at Edison, 6:00p.m. When I arrived at today's destination, I felt relief and a little tired. After arriving at the motel in Edison, I cooked a big dinner, I used remaining foods staff. This cooking time tonight would be the last time for cooking dinner in this trip...  I cooked 1 Ramen, 1 cheese broccorri rice, 1 pasta, 2 packs of oatmeal, and was good foods. I have learned about cooking outside, before this trip I could not only make boiled water, but now I can cook many kinds of foods. I said thank you for my small stove and cooking set with a small voice.
I remembered the first night of cooking outside with Ben Strong at Strawberry lodge campground, felt happy, felt nostalgia, almost 3 month passed since that time. After eating dinner, I lay on the bed with feeling some tired, and thought various things,about trip, bamboo bike, business, bamboo bike market, difference of response to bamboo bike between Japanese people and American people, my family, my fiance, my friends...many, many,,,

Tomorrow we will go aim to New York finally, I will fix flat tire early morning tomorrow. The remaining days are just 2days, to New York, and to Bamboobikestudio. Wow, just 2 day, it was 2/90 = 2.2% of this trip. 98% was done...though I saw bamboo bike2, bamboo bike2 was still.
Good night, bamboo bike2.  Takashi 2010/12/4 @Edison