November 30, 2010

11/29 Washington D.C.

11/29, Cloudy day, from Fredericksburg to Washington D.C. 81miles

We arrivd at Washington D.C. today, capital of United States. Long way from Santa Cruz to here, Wrong way many times in Washington D.C., Big city, complicates traffics. But I could visit some beautiful places in Washington D.C. particular I was happy to visit Washington Monument, reflecting pool, which I saw the movie of Forest Gump! I had not known about that monument was located in Washington D.C. Tonight we home-stayed at Mark Ferrara's home, Latin language teacher, he took me some memorial places, around in Washington D.C. and showed me, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial. Thank you so much, Mark!

Long day today, 10hours 30minutes.... Oops. I woke up 5:10a.m., started from Fredericksburg at 8:00a.m. and arrived at Washington D.C. at 6:30p.m. After breakfast, I took some photos of bamboo bike2 in the garden of Steve's home. There were some bamboo plants there, it was interesting to me. I heard that bamboo garden was popular around here. Bamboo bike2 also seemed happy to meet friends. It was chilly morning in Fredericksburg, grass was frost, and bamboo bike2 was frost. We said bye-bye to Steve, his dogs, cats and bamboo in his garden, thank you so much, Steve! I prayed our safety to God of Bamboo.

The road were not hilly today, we enjoyed biking, we passed Independent Hill, Dale City and Occoquan. In Occoquan, a city near Dale City we met Bobbie, a security patrol guy, when I had wrong way to went into the government area he stopped us. We talked for some time, he had been lived in Tokyo for 14years, we talked about Japaese foods, economics, and bamboo in Japanese. I felt nostalgia for Japan because we spoke Japanese and talked about Japan. We said bye-bye to Bobbie, "Mata Aimasho" (See you again!). The traffic was getting complcated, meant we were getting close the big city, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York. At Tulley Gate I was checked ID, passed Mt.Vernon, Alexandria, Arlington, cross Arlington Bridge, and arrived at Washington D.C. I saw beautiful sun floating above the Potomac River.

Though I lost way many times in Washington D.C. I could arrived at Mark's home at 6:30p.m. Mark hosted us tonight, cooked roast pork to us, delicious. After dinner Mark was so kind that took me around Washington D.C., Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument. I could see many cherry trees around Jefferson Memorial. As a Japanese I felt happy to hear the story that those cherry trees were given from Japan. I wonder if the people around here enjoy looking cherry blossom ("Ohanami" in Japanese).  I sang a song "Sakura" with Mark. After coming back home, we talked about Japanese language and culture.

Do you know? I have not yet seen the flower, bamboo blooms flower once for a long long years. (50years or 100years)  Bamboo grows very fast, grows straight, strong, supple, and blooms flower once for a long years. Mysterious plant. On the road today I saw small neglected bamboo forests, I took photos. Such neglected bamboo forests are scattered around Japan. Bamboo Samurai focus on this problem.

Takashi 2010/11/29 @Washington D.C.

November 29, 2010

11/28 @Fredericksburg

11/28 Fine day, @Fredericksburg

Today was beautiful Sunday. I stayed at Fredericksburg with Steve and his family. I took good rest and relaxed, ate good foods.
I woke up 6:00a.m. This mornig I went to church with Steve, there I sang some songs and read some sentenses of bibles. I felt relaxed and meet some people and talked to them.
Coming back home we ate "Challah" as lunch, Jewish New Year traditional foods, big round bread with some raisins. It was a little sweet, tasted good. I went to buy a vantage to role right ankle.
After that Steve introduced me around Fredericksburg town, a home of Mary Washingon, Ferry farm which George Washington lived in his childhood, and cut cherry tree. I walked around battlefield of civil war in Fredericksburg with Steve and his 2 dongs Dogg and Dioji for some time. Dogg was Akita, one of the kinds of dogs in Japan. I saw Akita in United States for the first time. I felt good. And in the battlfield we saw some wild turkeys, it was exciting! It was wonderful to me there were some such a big, beautiful, wild parks in the town.

We had great time with Steve and his family for 2 days in Fredericksburg. And we could had great rest here. We will go aim to Washington D.C. tomorrow. Thank you so much, Steve, Bobbie, Joe, Dogg, Dioji, Charlie, Charlotte, Monster!

Takashi 2010/11/28 @Fredericksburg

November 28, 2010

11/27 Fredericksburg ~ Happy 2 days later Thanksgiving! ~

11/27 Fine day, from Twin Oaks Community to Fredericksburg, 48.7miles

Though I woke 3:00a.m. and washed face, I felt I was yet intoxicated a little, so I slept again. I woke up 5:00a.m. again and prepared for journey. I went to a kitchen and met Maggie and David and some ladies and guys there. Maggie cooked french toast, scrambled eggs, oat meal for me and David. It tasted great, and got lots of energy. French toast was tyo good! I said bye-bye to David and Maggie. Thank you David, Maggie! And thank you so much for the people in Twin Oaks Community!

The road today was gentle, the weather was tyo fine, we enjoyed biking under the trees which dropped almost their leaves. Though the traffic was getting conjested, it meant we were close to the New York, the destination. Today I used a map which David checked by google maps and printed.

We arrived at Fredericksburg 1:00p.m. and met Steve, hosted us tonight kindly. I met his son, Bobbie and Joe. And I met Dogg, Dioji, Charlie, Charlotte, Monster, powerful dogs, cute cats. I and Steve walked around with Dogg and Dioji. My right achilles tendon was still painful, not good, but the condition was not getting worse. I will taping around ankle and will overcome this situation.

Tonight there was wonderful thing...happened...!

"Thanksgiving two days later!"

Steve was cooked for me! He was so kind that they waited for Thanksgiving dinner till I came. Thank you so much! I took some photos, these were memorial, for the first time Thanksgiving for me. Before eating we prayed for a couple of minutes. I ate lots of turkey with gravy, cranberry sauce, some staffing and sweet potato, broccoli. I was tyo happy to eat Thanksgiving dinner and have enjoyable time with Steve, Bobie, Joe. After dinner we went walking with Dogg and Dioji around University of Mary Washington. There were many beautiful buildings in University, library, gallery, dormitory, restaurant... Though I still wore shorts, I felt a little bit chilly. When a big clock tower appeared in front of us, I tried to take photos of that tower, my camera did not work well at that time, did not focus well. But it was OK, because I will not forget this wonderful night with Steve, Bobbie, Joe, Dogg, Dioji,Charlie,Charlottes, Monster,  "Thanksgiving 2 day later night!" Thank you so much, Steve!  I was tyo happy!  Our Thanksgiving menu was as follows, cooked by Steve.

"Thanksgiving menu"

Maple Roast Turkey
Cranberry Sauce
Lemon and Cashew stuffing
Sweet Potatoes with maple syrup

Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie
Ice cream

Takashi 2010/11/27 @Fredericksburg, VA

11/26 Twin Oaks Community(2)

11/26, Cloudy day, visited Twin Oaks Community, tyo inspired!

Twin Oaks community,

This journey was guided adventure by something, I felt so.
I felt happy and miracle to visit this Twin Oaks Community, small but sustainable, there was something valuable, inspired in this community and there were wonderful people who have own belief, passion. Definitely, bamboo bike2 also must felt so today.

This community is located near Louisa, VA, and 92 adults and 10 children live, helping each other, doing business by themselves, sharing profit of their business, sharing some property (10 refrigerators, 10 stove2, 20 cars, 2kitchens, foods) and has been builting community by themselves. They are pioneer with high green conscious, sustainablity. They make a living in community to make hammocks, chairs, tofu, vegetables, eggs, meats in community, I saw some guys were making hammocks by handmade, and making tofu. I ate delicious eggs, breads, vegetables, tofu, miso soup, rice, and pumpkin pie which they make by themselves in community. I pushed trucks to a house, molded some cardboard boxes, ate dinner and talked, with them.

Leaving bike shop, bamboo bike2 and I visited this community. I have not known about this community since visiting, but as I was talking to them and seeing their life, gradually I had understood what this community was. They were very friendly and got interested in bamboo bike. At dinner time, bamboo bike2 stood in the center of between kitchen and dinning, was talked , was touched, was lifted up by some people. Bamboo bike2 seemed so happy to meet the people in Twin Oaks community, I felt. Of course I was happy. There was 2 kitchens in community, one was for breakfast or free time foods, another was for lunch and dinner. At lunch is held at noon and dinner is held at 6:00p.m. everyday, at that time almost people in community gather, eat, talk, and enjoy themselves together. The kitchen for lunch and dinner was called ZK, big building, inside was very warm by heat which woods were burned into. The other buildings also had own name, and inside were very warm by heat woods burned. We had great time with them at dinner. After dinner I worked molding cardboard boxes to pack tofu with some guys and ladies. I enjoyed working.

Tofu which is made here was a little hard for me, Japanese. In Japan mainly 2 different type of tofu there are, one is "Kinukoshi", another is "Momen". "Momen" is harder than "Kinukoshi", but tofu made here was harder than "Momen" and less water included. But taste was good. Interesting.

After working I drank local beer with David, and talked about sustainability, Japan, trip, what I miss now. Beer was local brewery, "Starr Hill", I was glad to meet this local brewery. What I miss now?.. yes, it is Japanese foods, foods mother cooks and aunt cooks. Particular I want to eat "Udon" , a kind of noodle, now. I wrote beer blog.

"Beer Blog"
Starr Hill;
local brewery in Charlottesville, VA
First taste is light, middle taste is light, but after taste is strong, piercing to stomach gently. Gradually be intoxicated. I felt as if head was swinging...Oops... it is good beer to sleep well before crash..

After drinking Starr Hill, I did not remember what I did well at that night. But I remembered the warmth of bed, and the beauty of the stars of chilly night such like the eyes of David and Maggie and the people in Twin Oaks Community who have own belief, passion, enthusiasm. It was getting cold around here. Good night.

Takashi 2010/11/26 @Twin Oaks Community, Louisa, VA

11/26 Twin Oaks Community(1)

11/26, Cloudy day, Louisa, 0mile, finished repairing for bamboo bike2, tyo good!

There were many things I experienced today. All experiences were valuable, wonderful to me and bamboo bike2! So I write blog divided into 2 parts.  One part is about the repairing of bamboo bike2 in bike shop in Charlottesville and another part is about the meeting and experiences in Twin Oaks community, Louisa, VA. This part "Twin Oaks Community(1)" was written about the experiences in a bike shop in Charlottesville.

In bike shop I met the President of the shop and talked about bike, bike business, bamboo bike, of course the repair was completely done. He also found the big problem of the rear wheel of bamboo bike2. The President, Rodger is also competitive bike racer. I had precious time to talk Rodger and was taught many things about bike. I  and my spirit were inspired much by him, his passion for bike. In Twin Oaks Community I met David and Maggie and Paika, and many people in that community. Twin Oaks is an intentional community in Virginia, made up of around 92 adult members and 10 children. Since the community's beginning in 1967, they live to help each other, share profit of business, some property, and have high green conscious, ecological thinking. I was inspired so much by David, Maggie, the people in the community. and their pioneer spirits. In the community I pushed a big truck to move with them, molded some boxes for packing Tofu, ate eggs, vegetables, miso soup which they make by themselves.

I woke up 4:00a.m. and packed staff for departure. I ate some breads with coffee as breakfast. Around 8:00a.m. I called all the bike shops in Charlottesville, but there were no reply, of course the shops have not yet opened. The second call was around 9:00a.m., I could contact one bike shop but they said to me, " we could not repair today, today was Black Friday, so we were busy." , I see. The third call was 9:30a.m., no reply, the forth was 9:45, no reply. I must think plan of today again...if there were no shops which I could repair the bamboo bike in Charlottesville...  I could not delay more....are there another way to repair here in Charlottesville? or are there any way to carry bamboo bike to other place which I ccoud repair?.... the fifth call was 10:00a.m., no reply... Though I have almost given up the contact to the bike shops in Charlottesville today, considering about the traffic and Black Friday, I decided that one more call to bike shops at 10:05a.m. and if there would be no reply, I would call Steve who hosted us in Fredericksburg tomorrow and asked him to pick up us.

10:05a.m.  called.... "Hello, blue wheel bicycle...."  Got it! ("Yatta!" in Japanese)  I checked out the lodge and called taxi and visited bike shop, "Blue Wheel Bicycle" around 11:00a.m. There was a guy who worked at that shop, whose name is Rodger, the President of Blue Wheel Bicycle, he said to me "I needed 4 hours". I was happy to repair bamboo bike2 during the day. Though some customers visited shops, I could talk to Rodger for some time and interview. He talked about the difference of market between Japan and United States, and talked about the competitive market around VA. I asked some questions to him, I showed some of the interviews with him on blog.

1.What is the most important thing to run bike business?
  Answer; You have to learn business skill, sense of marketing, customer service.

2.How do you overcome that competitive situation aorund here in VA?
   A. Challenge!

3.How should I do to looking for the attractiveness of using bamboo for bike?
   A. It is a difficult question.  People need reason when they pay money to buy bike. So you have to write review on the internet or magazine, because people read magazine or articles on the internet.

During his working to rapair bamboo bike's wheel, I saw him how he worked. I felt some sense of joy, exciting. Because I love craftsmanship. I love to see someone making products and make by myself. He found a crack of rear wheel, and said "This was a big problem, you had to change the wheel, you had no choise." I bought a new wheel. I thought the crack was caused by the accident on the road, and felt lucky because we found this big problem before we would face another big accident. I apologized to bamboo bike2, "I am sorry for bamboo bike2, I could not find this problem for you till now." I got experience, to check tire but also wheels inside/ outside were important after accident or falling.

Finished repairing, recovering from injury, bamboo bike2 seemed to be happy for me When we left the shop, Rodger gave me advice to check the tension of spoke after 100miles running, and said to us, "Safe trip!"
Thank you so much, Rodger. While touching my hair which has grown, I felt my passion to my business with bamboo and passion to contribution to society in my heart with bamboo bike2. Lots of fallen leaves were moving on the road from south to north outside, strong wind was blown today.

Takashi 2010/11/26 @Twin Oaks Community, Louisa, VA

November 25, 2010

11/25 @Charlottesville, Happy Thanksgiving!

11/25, Cloudy day, @Charlottesville
~Wait for the open of bike shop

Today we stayed at Charlottesvill, I stayed at a lodge with bamboo bike2. Both we were injured around legs..., I was injured right achilles tendon, bamboo bike2 was injured one spoke of rear leg(wheel). We laughed each other.
This early morning I decided not to go ahead. I checked about bad effects of spoke defect on some website and got a kind advice from my friend, Ben Strong that we should not go ahead. Today I checked some maps, and re-planned our schedule, considered about "Bamboo Donation" system, wrote report about Samurai, and walked around Charlottesville. The latest schedule:
(Now I am searching for the host in Washington D.C. and hosts between Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, so there is still possibility to change my schedule, if you can host me, or have friends who can host us in early Dec, please let me know!)

Here in Charlottesville, there is a University of Virginia, and there were many beautiful or sublime buildings made from bricks. Town was filled with academic atmosphere. I saw the name of Thomas Jefferson on the memorial plate in this town,too. And the big bell informed me the time with a big and nostalgic voice sometimes. Peaceful, static, there were few people walking on the street. I visited closed 2 bike shops where I plan that we will visit tomorrow morning. Today was Thanksgiving, so though I called all the bike shops in this town, all were closed, We will visit bike shop around at opening time, and after finishing repairing we will go aim to Louisa, about 56miles.
Almost the restaurants were also closed, so I cooked some foods by stove, rice, coffee, pasta and ate these foods. It was the first time for me to stay on this day,Thanksgiving.  I felt a little cold when I walked in the quiet city on the way back to a lodge, I passed some people who listening the R and B music by radio, at that time I remembered the life of University in Japan. I must write thesis of graduation of university when I came back to Japan.

P.S. I got a phone call from San Francisco tonight, from my friends, "Happy thanksgiving!".  I felt tyo happy! Thank you so much, Ben!, Amy!, Azuma-san!, and Michael!  Takashi 2010/11/25 @Charlottesville

11/24 Charlottesville

11/24, Fine day, from Buchanan to Charlottesville, 107miles

Today was big day, passed the last big pass of the Appalachian, and rode over 100miles. We did our best and enjoyed biking this big day much. I suddenly decided to change schedule of today and decided to go not to Afton but Charlottesville, VA before crash yesterday, because I have one promise with a gentleman to stay at his home in Loisa,VA with his family tomorrow, and to help his wife to cook dinner for Thanksgiving. Samurai always sure to keep promises.

I woke up 4:00a.m. and boiled water by a small stove, and cooked instant oatmeal, 0.6L of coffee. This small stove cooked for me many foods(almost rice..), boiled water for me. I said thank you to this small stove. I ate 3 packs of oatmeals and 4 breads pasted peanuts butter and drank some coffee.

We started biking 6:00a.m. on I-81 already there were many cars and big truck running. Though it was still dark, because of the lamps of many cars I can see around more than usual. Around 8:30a.,m. we passed Lexington,VA, I saw many Christmas decorations in the town, beautiful church, buildings made from red bricks. 

We arrived at Vesuvius, the entrance of George Washington National forest, and the big last passes of the Appalachian for me and bamboo bike2 in this trip. I took some photos of us. Many memories of this trip occurred in my heart and head, memories appeared one after another.
All memories are valuable for us and let me feel happy.

For a  couple of minites..passed. Sentimentalism..Nostalgic.. suddenly the bravery awakened me.
"Go ahead!" "Let's go, bamboo bike2!" Bamboo bike2 replied at once, "yes, my brother!"

3miles continuous uphills, steep and curvy, lots of sweat. lots of excitement. Lots of squirrels, birds, trees, fallen leaves, fallen trees, little cars. There were many faces of autumn, waiting for winter. It was quiet around. I could hear my own breathing only. Sometimes I looked around and enjoyed scenery, and sometimes looked down on the road and put power strongly into the pedals of bamboo bike2, When I climbing this uphills, I was always feeling lots of valuable memories of this trip occurred in my heart one by one, such like a clear spring in a beautiful valley. "The last big pass of the Appalachian, SR56, here was a good place for us and this trip." Thank you so much for the Appalachians!

After 45minutes, we arrived at the sign of "Blue Ridge Parkway", the top of mountain, about 3,200feet from 1,700feet(Vesuvius). I took some rest for a couple of minutes and took some photos. I felt chilly a little. No one there were. Only me and bamboo bike2.

Under the old bridge made from stone, I rode on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and passed road surrounded by the high mountains of the Appalachian. I saw many colorful mountains, the Appalachians. We passed Reeds Gap, Rockfish Gap, Afton and arrived at Charlottesville at 4:00p.m.

I found a lodge to stay tonight. After checking in , I checked tires of bamboo bike2 as usual, I found a problem of bamboo bike2. One spoke of rear tire was broken. I did not know how important this problem, I am beginner, little knowledge about bike. I considered the effect of this defect, I could not get any idea. "Can I run at this condition? or not? Why did it break? Since when? Maybe today... Is it a big problem? or not? I have a promise with someone tomorrow. I am late on schedule, I must be hurry. Tomorrow is holiday, will bike shop in Charlottesville open?.."

I ate dinner at the restaurant near the lodge, ate chicken and some vegetables. After back in my room, I could not yet make decision what I should do, Should we go or not to go ahead at this condition, should I go bike shop and fix? I sent some e-mails to my frieds who knew about bike well. I felt some tired, outside it was quiet, sometimes I heard the warning of police car. I will decide what to do tomorrow early morning. Good sleep.

Takashi 2010/11/24 @Charlottesville

November 23, 2010

Schedule arrangement

I arranged schedule a little tonight.

Takashi 2010/11/23 @Buchanan

11/23 Buchanan

11/23 Fine day partly clouded, from Christiansburg to Buchanan, 67miles

I woke up 3:30a.m. ate fast breakfast; 4 breads with peanuts butter and a bunch of chocolate cookies, and sweat tea. We started 5:30a.m. it did not rain yet. Weather foecast on TV told me with a gentle voice that it wolud rain since this noon at Buchanan. I planned that we would arrive at Buchanan till noon to avoid rain.
Early morning deep drizzle occurred, I could see about 30feet in front of us, it was very dark. The moon was covered its beautiful face by drizzle, shed dim light above the black road. At gas station in Ellie, name of town, I saw a few faces of human beings and some motor vehicles under the bright lamps. I did not drop by the station, looked map, we went ahead. Cars also drove at slow speed, everyone payed attention. The branches of trees like nerve were still, wind did not blow, the cry of creature broke the silence. A few drops dropped from helmet of mine, thought it did not rain, my rain-jacket was wet, my eyelashes wore a few small water drops. The knight of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow appeared suddenly .... Such a darkness under we passed, I could hear the sounds of pedal of bamboo bike2.

The drizzle continued till around 8:50a.m. After that I saw big sun. The Appalachian was shined by sun light, some colors which I could not explain I saw. Beautiful scenery appeared. I saw the faces of cattle, horses, farm machines, houses, trees, mountains, rabbits, squirrels. Great impression. I breathed deeply many times. Goddess of America lives here and there. We passed Catawba, Daleville,Troutville, and Buchanan. The town decorated for Christmas already. Pretty and beautiful.

We arrived at Wattstull Inn in Buchanan at 11:30p.m. We could avoid rain. After taking shower, I cooked ramen, chicken rice, pasta, and ate as a lunch. Though I called the boss of the bike hostel in Afton where I wanted to stay tomorrow, there were no response. So I decided that if there were no one there in Afton, we would pass Afton and reached at Charlottesville,VA, big town.

I cooked mushroom rice and ate mushroom rice, tuna-can, 1 bread as a dinner. Tomorrow we will pass the last big pass of the Appalachian, we want to enjoy biking. Weather forecast showed me that it would be fine day tomorrow, the day beofre Thanksgiving. Good night.


Takashi 2010/11/23 @Buchanan

11/22 Christiansburg

11/22 Fine day, from Wytheville to Christiansburg, 56miles

Yesterday, I stayed very good hotel, Hampton Inn, Wytheville.

Hotel Impressions;
1.The bed was very soft, my body sank deeper than usual.. When I jumped into the bed and jumped on the bed, bamboo bike2 laughed at me and said, "Except me, no one looked at you, Takashi"...
2.The bathroom was very clean and wide, I took shower for a long long time at both yesterday night and this morning, pasted moisture on skin, used conditioner, smelled flavor of soap, felt relax, bamboo bike laughted at me, and said, "Except me, no one looked at you, Takashi"...
3.The coffee was very tasted, and there were some kinds of coffee, Decaf, Roasted and Regular.
I tried to drink all types of coffee, I preferred Decaf, because it was tasty, and light. Bamboo bike laughed at me and said, "you would write a coffee blog, wouldn't you?"...

I woke up 4:30a.m. and prepared for departure, and I went to restaurant to eat breakfast at 6:00a.m. This morning breakfast was tyo super,2 bagles, 2 breads, 4 omulets, a bunch of sausages, 3packs of oatmeal, 2 yogults, a bunch of fruits, 1 banana, 2 cups of coffee, and 1 orange juice.
I felt "Manpuku"! ("Manpuku" is in Japanese, it means "stick to rib" in English) Furthermore, I was given 3 omulets and a bunch of saisages and 1 bagle from the hotel. I packed these foods into tapperware container which my mother gave me before this trip. I remembered my hometown, Osaka and my family. Thank you so much, Mom!

I checked e-mail and wrote some responses, heard 3 songs "Bleeding Love", "I got you" by Leona Lewis, and "Photograph" by Nickelback. on Youtube. I like Leona, and Nickelback. Very relax.
We started 8:00a.m. It was fine today and 56miles distance. I shook hands with the hotel man of the Hampton, who got interested in our trip, he gave us the kind words, "Safe trip!" Thank you so much! It was very warm, very good day for bike today.Bamboo bike seemed to be fun! On the way, a handsome gentleman with Ray-ban sunglasses said to us with a big big voice suddenly, "GOOD DAY FOR YOU!" Oops.. I was so surprised that I almost slipped down....but I felt happy! The people in Virginia were very friendly for bike, almost they waved to us ,in the car, along the road and some people said to us, "Hi!". We felt happy.

Around here, from Wytheville to Christianburg, beautiful scenery was spreading, too. There were some farms, gentle hills, some farm machines, pretty houses, cattle, horse, sheep, sunlight danced here and there, time passed slowly, peaceful, static. It was like a paintings. And when I saw the tree around here, I sometimes felt it was such like a capillaries or Nerve. It was delicate, sharp, subtle, poetic, beautiful.
Though my right achilles tendon has been not good, we were enjoying biking around here. While biking, I often got flash backs of everyone whom we met in this trip, and everywhere whom we passed. When I saw a black big dog, I remembered Bohdi in Denver and Ziek in Utah, when I saw a sheep, I remember the wild and beautiful scenery in Nevada, Pylamid Lake, Deborah, David, four wheeler, RV, the boss of Cold springs station, Harley Davidson, Stephen... Rose mountain near Reno...Austin summit, Peter, Alek...New York Steak... when I saw the exposed wild rock, I remembered the Bryce Canyon, and Michael, David, when I saw the blue pond, I remembered the hot tub in Kings beach, Ben, San Francisco Giants, hot tub in Montrose, Rocky, lent cabin, sweet tomatoes..... Memory brings abother memory, Memory connects another memory. All memory are valuable for me, I am always feeling happiness/ gratitude/ while biking, I often breathed deeply recently on ride, that is...I breathed happiness into my whole lung. Samurai never forget gratitude.

We arrived at Christiansburg at 1:00p.m. I ate lunch at lodge, 3 omulets and a bunch of sausages and 1 bagle which I was given at Hampton hotel, and beef stew and chicken rice which I bought in
Family Dollar in Christiansburg. I cooked beef stew and chicken rice by microwave, only 90seconds! Wow.. I felt the great power of microwave, the progress of technology, innovation.
Bamboo bike laughed at me and said "Have you time-slipped from 19th?"

I watched football game on TV and checked weather news. It will rain aorund hera and Buchanan from afternoon. I decided to start early morning to avoid rain, wet, and not to be a "wet rat".
I slept early on the bed without dinner(I did not feel hungry). Bed was not soft, it was not like as a bed in Hampton Hotel, but I could slept very well, maybe I can sleep well anywhere without at Gunnison, and at Bob Scott campground.. Good night, my family, my friends, everyone, and bamboo bike.
During this trip, I am writing some reports of Samurai, which I think, I feel, I believe. Samurai reports of Samurai!

Takashi 2010/11/22 @Christiansburg