February 26, 2011

2/27 late but fun!

2/27, Fine day, @Komae, 0miles

It is fine day today at Tokyo. Today TV in house is wrong, so my aunt and I and Chibi(dog) can not watch TV both on Today and tomorrow....
I have spent writing thesis of business school all day. I am late that other students, but I enjoy writing thesis with remembering journey in Japan, United States, have already written 677 pages of thesis...,  with listening music of Leona Lewis! British singer, one of my favorite pop singers, with eating Bentoh! (photo) If it is possible, I want this thesis, or diary of journey with bamboo bike to be a book.

Takashi 2011/2/27 @Komae

February 18, 2011

2/17 join in a conference ~Bamboo Cafe in Kyoto~

2/17 Rain, 0mile, Imadegawa, Kyoto

Bamboo bike stayed at my aunt's house in Tokyo, I visited Doshisya University of Imadegawa, Kyoto on 17 Feb, today to join a conference related to bamboo, "Bamboo Cafe in Kyoto". It was rainy day, a little cold. I arrived at Kyoto after 6 month abstinence. Bamboo Cafe was founded 3 years ago, is a platform to discuss about overpopulated bamboo forests in Japan with some organizations, experts. Today's conference was held between 3p.m. and 9p.m.

I talked about my journey with bamboo bike in a conference. This experience was good for me and bamboo bike. And there was an important suggestion about safety problem of durability about bamboo bike.

In that conference I drank hot tea, ate curry. That tea smelled very sweet, like an apple.

In a latter half of conference there was a lecture about traditional Japanese design related in life style using bamboo. I understood that design was complicated work related to old art works, life style, Japanese old poem, craftsmanship, finance. Professor said that design was called in Italy as a work by King or God.  Cool.  And furthermore I heard 2 interesting stories. One was related to situation, another was image. In Japanese traditional design works every creatures head to left  from right, means move towards left side. And head light of Toyota Lexus was inspired by eyes of Japanese old Buddhist statue, "Niou-san". Niou-san is powerful statue and very known in Japan. I have known those things for the first time. Cool.    Takashi 2011/2/17 @Imadegawa, Kyoto

February 12, 2011

2/11 Mahogany bike

2/11 Snow day, 0mile, Shin-Kiba, Tokyo

Today it snowed in Tokyo, it was beautiful to see snow on the roof of houses, cars. It was very cold and saw my breath occurred white from my mouth. Because I caught a cold today, a little more I felt colder, maybe.. Also today is a holiday, National Foundation Day".
Today I was invited by my friend, Fred to meet Sano who made mahogany bikes, his company "Sanomagic".
In Japan trip with bamboo bike last August I got kind e-mail from him, he was the first bamboosero's bamboo bike rider in Japan. I am the second, also I met a gentleman in Hiroshima who was the third bamboo bike rider in Japan. Strange bamboo band~~! Isn't it?~~

I saw 3 mahogany bikes, awesome beautiful! This mahogany bike was displayed at Euro bike.
Sano makes these bikes by his own hands, originally he makes wooden boats. And Fred brought his own bamboo bike, which was made from bamboo in Kyoto, Japan, so he put his bamboo bike side by mahogany bikes. 4 natural material bikes there were, cool~.

He was so kind that I got a chance to ride on a mahogany bike, weighed very light, felt as if I were flying while riding, easy to pedal.
Sano told us about the spirits of craftsmanship, his passion to make products, competitiveness of Japan, his theory to make mahogany bike. I felt strong emotion to listen his story.
I got great experiences today, Thank you Sano san, Fred!

Takashi 2011/2/11 @Shin-Kiba

February 10, 2011

2/10 busy in re-writing thesis

2/10, Fine day, 0mile, Komae-city

In Tokyo, fine days has been continued these days, I also have spent busy days in re-writing thesis. I completed summary of thesis, and now writing contents of thesis. The theme of my thesis is "Public relations and Analysis of business model of Bamboo Samurai, a social enterprise solves neglected bamboo forests. - carrying out and analysis of extreme event, cross Japan and United States with bamboo bike- "

I sleep in a room of my school, I may have to bring a sleeping bag into this room~-~..

Next week I will visit Doshisha University in Kyoto and will do presentation about my journey in United States with bamboo bike there.   Takashi 2010/2/10 @Komae-city