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Bamboo Samurai's Bamboo Project 2010
Ⅱ. The second challenge: Cross country from west coast to east coast, bamboo bike shop in US ~Bamboo Samurai contributes to promote bamboo, bamboo bike, and neglected bamboo forests problem in Japan. we are always keep challenging with bamboo!~

"Stop spreading or use bamboo"
Now in Japan bamboo forests are neglected and spreading, encroaching the other plantations.  
So, I am promoting this bamboo forests problem in Japan and bamboo while riding bamboo bike cross country in US. 
I will build bamboo bike and make attractive bamboo products using only Japanese bamboo by myself. I want to contribute to public society broadly all over the world.
I want to contribute to protect bamboo culture in Japan and I want to contribute to develop craftsmanship and I want to contribute to build ecological society all over the world.
I am riding by bamboo bike (which Bamboosero made this for me) from a bamboo bike shop in Santa Cruz CA (Bamboosero) to another bamboo bike shop in Brooklyn New York(Bamboobikestudio). I want to study how to make bamboo bike at Bamboobikestudio. Takashi, Bamboo Samurai, founder

Date: Sep/7/2010 ~ Nov/22/2010
→→ Date was postponed because of accident
→→ New Date: Sep/7/2010  ~ Dec/7/2010,  Challenge completed!!

Rider: Bamboo Samurai (Takashi Matsumoto/ Graduate school of business Keio University)


◇9/7 San Francisco Airport 11:25 a.m. @homestay at Ben's apartment in San Francisco

bamboo planted! 1st day!

◇9/8 Santa Cruz(Bamboosero) test riding @homestay at Ben's parents house in santa Cruz

bamboo planted! 2nd day!

◇9/9 Santa Cruz(Bamboosero) test riding @homestay at Ben's parents house in Santa Cruz

bamboo planted! 3rd day!

◇9/10 BAMBOOSERO - Palo Alto, CA 45.4miles 1st day for riding! dinner with VIA's staff, @homestay@Stanford university dormitory with Francisco

bamboo planted! 4th day!

◇9/11 Palo Alto - Martinez, CA 56.5miles visit BAMBOOBIKEWORKS, Stanford university, dinner with warmful Martinez families @homestay at Wojing and Kevin's house

bamboo planted! 5th day!

◇9/12 Martinez - Sacramento, CA 89miles @homestay at Dustin's house with his family

bamboo planted! 6th day!

◇9/13 Sacramento - Placeville, CA 45.8miles @homestay at Dorothy's house

bamboo planted! 7th day!

◇9/14 Placeville - Strawberry, CA 60.1miles @campground

bamboo planted! 8th day! and Bamboo Samurai was interviewed by local newspaper " Mountain Democrat"

◇9/15 Strawberry - Tahoe Vista 34.7miles @homestay at Kyler's family house

bamboo planted! 9th day!

◇9/16 Tahoe Vista - Reno,NV 37.6miles @homestay at Deborah's house

bamboo planted! 10th day!

◇9/17 Reno - Fallon, NV 74.6miles @campground

bamboo planted! 11th day!

◇9/18 Fallon - Cold Springs Station, NV 61.2miles @campground

bamboo planted! 12th day! we found "shoe tree"

◇9/19 Cold Springs Station - Austin, NV 65.1miles @campground

bamboo planted! 13th day! Takashi was attacked by crazy squirrel

◇9/20 Austin - Eureka, NV 69.3miles @homestay at Eric and Quin's moving house

bamboo planted! 14th day!

◇9/21 Eureka - Ely, NV 78.4miles @campground

bamboo planted! 15th day! Takashi fixed front durailleur for bamboo bike

◇9/22Ely - Baker, UT 67.2miles @campground of Great Basin National Park

bamboo planted! 16th day! most toughest ride day, storng wind came from high mountain

◇9/23 Baker - Milford, UT 89.9miles @campground

bamboo planted! 17th day!

◇9/24 Milford - Cedar city, UT 62.2miles @campground with Alek

bamboo planted! 18th day! Takashi ate NY stake for the first time

◇9/25 Cedar city - Panguitch, UT 50.4miles @campground

bamboo planted! 19th day!

◇9/26 Panguitch - Eacalante, UT 66.3miles visiting Bryce Canyon National Park with Michael @campground

bamboo planted! 20th day! Takashi and bamboo bike enjoyed biking most with Michael

◇9/27 Escalante - Torrey, UT 57.2miles @outside near Capitol Reef National Park, camping with Rick and Staj

bamboo planted! 21th day! and Bamboo Samurai was interviewed second times!

◇9/28 Torrey - Caineville, UT 40.5miles @homestay at Randy's store

bamboo planted! 22th day! Takashi studied about hemp, social cost

◇9/29 Caineville - Glen Canyon National Rec Area 73milles @campground of Glen Canyon Hite National Rec Area with Kurt and Barbara, swam in the Lake Powell

bamboo planted! 23th day!

◇9/30 Glen Canyon National Rec - Blanding, UT 80miles @campground

bamboo planted! 24th day!

◇10/1 Blanding - via Dove Creek, CO - Dolores ,CO 81.2miles @campground

bamboo planted! 25th day!

◇10/2 Dolores - Telluride, CO 64.5miles @campground

bamboo planted! 26th day! Telluride,what a beautiful town

◇10/3 Telluride - Montrose, CO 60.3miles @campground with Rocky and Nika, stayed at cabin which Tom lent Bamboo Samurai

bamboo planted! 27th day!

◇10/4 Montrose - Gunnison, CO 65.9miles @campground

bamboo planted! 28th day! coldest night, hardly slept, slept in loundry room, met John

◇10/5 Gunnison - Poncha Springs, CO 61.3miles @lodge

bamboo planted! 29th day! passing the Monarch pass (the Continental Divide) first time

◇10/6 Poncha Springs - Silverthorne, CO 95.0miles @homestay at Ben's house with his family

bamboo planted! 30th day! passing the Hoosier pass (the Continental Divide second times)

◇10/7 Silverthorne - Denver, CO 70.0miles @homestay at Kristen, Brian and Bohdi's house

bamboo planted! 31th day! passing the Loveland pass (the Continental Divide thrid times)

◇10/8 @Denver @homestay at Kristen, Brian and Bohdi's house

bamboo planted! 32th day! bamboo bike was fixed, went hiking with DU students at Evergreen

◇10/9 @Denver @homestay at David Cuzy's house

bamboo planted! 33th day! bamboo bike came back from bike shop, chaged tires, adjust brakes. One of Takashi's dream came true," fly fishing in Colorado"

◇10/10@Denver @homastay at Cuzy's house

bamboo planted! 34th day!

◇10/11 Denver - Colorado Springs, CO 77.6miles @homestay at Ryan's house

bamboo planted! 35th day!

◇10/12 Colorado Springs - Pueblo, CO 49.4miles @homestay at David's house

bamboo planted! 36th day!

◇10/13 Pueblo - Ordway, CO 53.4miles @homestay at Cyclist haere mai

bamboo planted! 37th day!

◇10/14 Ordway - Eads, CO 64.7miles @campground at City Park

bamboo planted! 38th day!

◇10/15 Eads - Scott city , KS 105.0miles @campground at City Park

bamboo planted! 39th day!

◇10/16 Scott City - Bazine, KS 68.0miles @homestay at bicycle only lodge

bamboo planted 40th day!

◇10/17 Bazine - Larned, KS 53.5miles @outside homestay at Kathy's house

bamboo planted 41th day!

◇10/18 Larned - Hutchinson, KS 72miles @homestay at Jason and Kalene's house

bamboo planted 42th day!

◇10/19 Hutchinson - Cassoday, KS 84miles @campground at city park in Cassoday

bamboo planted 43th day!

◇10/20 Cassoday - Chanute, KS98.0miles @campground at city park in Chanute

bamboo planted 44th day!

 ◇10/21 Chanute - Golden City, MO 95.5miles @campground at city park in Golden city

bamboo planted 45th day!

◇10/22 Golden City - Marshfield, MO 79.5miles @ hotel, Holiday Inn Express in Marchfield

bamboo planted 46th day! Tornado and Thunder storm was coming around here in west of Missouri. I faced Tornado for the first time. 

◇10/23 @Marshfield @hotel, Holiday Inn Express in Marshfield

bamboo planted 47th day! Bamboo bike and I stopped and stayed inside shelter because of Tornado and Thunderstorm came

◇10/24 Marshfield - Houston, MO 63.5miles @camp at City park

bamboo planted 48th day!

◇10/25 Houston - Black River, MO 103.0miles @campground

bamboo planted 49th day!

◇10/26 Black River - Farmington, MO 31.5miles @lodge at bike hostel

bamboo planted 50th day!

◇10/27 Farmington - Chester, IL 47miles @lodge at bike hostel

bamboo planted 51th day!

◇10/28 Chester - Goreville IL 76.5miles @camp at Fern Clyfee State Park

bamboo planted 52th day!

◇10/29 @Heartland Regional Medical Center

bamboo planted 53th day!

◇10/30 @Heartland Regional Medical Center

bamboo planted 54th day!

◇10/31 @St.Louis, homestay with Patrick, Jessica,Deno, Manita, Lucy

bamboo planted 55th day!

◇11/1 @St.Louis, stay at motel6

bamboo planted 56th day!

◇11/2 @St.Louis, stay at motel6

bamboo planted 57th day!

◇11/3 @St.Louis, stay at motel6

bamboo planted 58th day!

◇11/4 @Golconda homestay with Ban Walker

bamboo planted 59th day!

◇11/5 @Golconda, homestay with Ben Walker, bamboo bike2 arrived from San Francisco, meet broken bamboo bike again 

bamboo planted 60th day!

◇11/6 @Golconda, homestay with Ben Walker, visit bikeshop in Paducah with bamboo bike, bamboo bikes are in the inventory in bikeshop

bamboo planted 61th day!

◇11/7 @Golconda, homestay with Ben Walker, visit church

bamboo planted 62th day!

◇11/8 @Golconda, homestay with Ben Walker, visit Pope County high school, elementary school, Cathy's house, interviewed with One Groovy Planet, bamboo bike2 debut!

bamboo planted 63th day!

◇11/9 @Golconda, homestay with Ben Walker, visit Pope County high school, elementary school with bamboo bike2, interviewed with WPSD NewsChannel6 and Cycloimage, adjust bamboo bike2

bamboo planted 64th day!

◇11/10 @Golconda, homestay with Ben Walker, adjust bamboo bike2, interviewed with Cycloimage

bamboo planted 65th day!

◇11/11 Golconda - Marion, IL, 37miles @church with Wayne, bicycle only lodge, I miss Golconda, am loving Golconda

bamboo planted 66th day! back on the road with bamboo bike2!

◇11/12 Marion - Sebrea, KY, 43miles @church, bicycle only lodge, with Bob and Violet

bamboo planted 67th day!

◇11/13 Sebrea - Falls of Rough KY, 73miles @Rough River lodge

bamboo planted 68th day!

◇11/14 Falls of Rough - Bardstown, KY, 95miles @Old Bardstown Inn

bamboo planted 69th day!

◇11/15 Bardstown - Harrodsburg, KY, 46miles @camp at Anderson Dean Community Park

bamboo planted 70th day!

◇11/16 Harrodsburg - Berea, KY, 46miles @homestay at Kelly and Cheryl's house, watched college basketball game at Berea college

bamboo planted 71th day!

◇11/17 Berea - Booneville, KY, 49miles @Linda's Victorian Rose 

bamboo planted 72th day!

◇11/18 Booneville - Hindman, KY, 66miles, @Hindman settlement school

bamboo planted 73th day!

◇11/19 Hindman - Elk horn city, KY, 63miles @stay at lodge

bamboo planted 74th day!

◇11/20 Elk horn city - Damascus, VA, 83.5miles @stayed at "The Place", hostel for bikers and hikers

bamboo planted 75th day!

◇11/21 Damascus - Wytheville, VA, 59miles @stayed at Hampton Inn

bamboo planted 76th day!

◇11/22 Wytheville - Christiansburg, VA, 56miles @stayed at Budget Inn 

bamboo planted 77th day!

◇11/23 Christiansburg - Buchanan, VA, 67miles @stayed in Wattstull Inn

bamboo planted 78th day!

◇11/24 Buchanan - Charlottesville, VA, 107miles @stayed in Budget Inn

bamboo planted 79th day!

◇11/25 @Charlottesville @stayed in Budget Inn

bamboo planted 80th day!

◇11/26 Charlottesville - Louisa, VA, repair spoke of rear, exchange rear wheel, carry bamboo bike2 @homestayed at Twin Oaks Community with David and Maggie

bamboo planted 81th day!

◇11/27 Louisa - Fredericksburg, VA, 48.7miles @homestayed at Steve's home, enjoyed 2 day later Thanksgiving dinner! 

bamboo planted 82th day!

◇11/28 @Fredericksburg @homestayed @ Steve's home 

bamboo planted 83th day!

◇11/29 Fredericksburg - Washington D.C. 81miles @Mark Ferrara's home

bamboo planted 84th day!

◇11/30 Washington D.C.. - Baltimore, MD, 64.5miles @Max and Maya and Joanna and Allison's  apartment

bamboo planted 85th day!

◇12/1 Baltimore - Marietta, Clay, PA, 90miles @Marvin's home

bamboo planted 86th day!

◇12/2 Clay - Philadelphia, PA, 74miles @Warren and Ellen's home

bamboo planted87th day!

◇12/3 @Philadelphia @Warren and Ellen's home with Suki!

bamboo planted 88th day!

◇12/4 Philadelphia - Edison, NJ 70miles @Red Roof Inn

bamboo planted 89th day!

◇12/5 Edison - Dobbs Ferry, 56.7miles @Helena and Wang Mansheng's home, cross George Washington Bridge

bamboo planted 90th day!

◇12/6 @New York, visit Bamboobikestudio, 14.2miles @Helena and Mansheng's home

bamboo planted 91th day!

◇12/7 New York (JFK) departure for Narita, Tokyo, Japan

bamboo planted 92th day!

◇12/8 Narita, Tokyo, Japan

bamboo planted 93th day! complete our journey!!

Visit organizations

BAMBOOSERO  in Santa Cruz, CA
Start point, they make bamboo bikes, also made the bamboo bike which I have been riding both in Japan and United State

Though we visited, the store was closed on that day, I regretted, but someday I want to contact and talk.

BAMBOOBIKESTUDIO in brooklyn, New York
My final destination

PANDA BIKE in Ft.Collins,Co
In Denver I did not have enough time to visit, I regretted, but someday I want to contact and talk.

updated: Takashi 2010/12/9 @Komae city, Tokyo

The first challenge was completed!! 
Ⅰ. The first challenge: In Japan, Journey to the southernmost point of the main island of Japan
Distance:2,300km(1,500mikes), from Tokyo to Kagoshima, visit some companies and municipal offices which are doing bamboo business in Japan. Bamboo Samurai  studied about bamboo and difficulties of bamboo business. And continued thinking about business model using bamboo bike and bamboo products. Bamboo Samurai contribute to build competitive edge of Japan and to develop craftsmanship and to contribute to coexist with bamboo forests in Japan, and to protect bamboo culture in Japan, and to build green society all over the world.

「Bamboo Samurai 竹自転車の旅 in 日本:京都上洛・幕末維新めぐり」

◆期間: 2010/8/2~2010/8/26

◆Rider: Takashi Matsumoto [慶應大学], Kenji Motobayashi[中央大学])


see in Larger Map (より大きな地図で) Journey to the Southernmost Point を表示

  8/2 東京皇居[旧江戸城:東京都](8:00発)-小田原市[神奈川県]
  8/3 小田原市[神奈川県]-箱根峠-静岡市[静岡県]
  8/4 静岡市[静岡県]-GLP㈱丸大鉄工㈱-浜松市[静岡県]
  8/5 浜松市[静岡県]-知多半島[愛知県]
  8/6 知多半島滞在 | 隅除輪業知多半島Bamboo Bikeプロジェクト
  8/7 知多半島[愛知県]-津[三重県]
  8/8 津[三重県]-京都市[京都府]
  8/9 京都滞在 | 長岡京市-市長面会, 東洋竹工㈱
8/10 京都滞在 公長斎小菅, 京都三条 竹松
8/11 京都市-西宮市[兵庫県]
8/12 西宮市[兵庫県]-相生市[兵庫県]
8/13 相生市[兵庫県]-福山市[広島県]
8/14 福山市[広島県]-平和記念公園-広島市[広島県] 徳正寺
8/15 広島市[広島県]-防府天満宮-防府[山口県]
8/16 防府[山口県]-関門海峡-小倉(福岡県)
8/17 小倉(福岡県)-耶馬渓,福沢諭吉先生旧居(中津)-別府市[大分県]
8/18 別府市[大分県] 岩尾竹藍, 大分県庁農林水産部林林産室-宇目町[大分県] 
8/19 宇目町[大分県]-宮崎市[宮崎県]
8/20 宮崎市[宮崎県]-鹿児島市[鹿児島県]
8/21 鹿児島内市滞在
8/22 鹿児島市内滞在 |
8/23 薩摩川内市-日の丸竹工㈲工場見学鹿児島県庁林業振興課佐多岬[本州最南端:鹿児島県]
8/24 佐多岬[鹿児島県]-志布志[鹿児島県]
8/25 志布志港[鹿児島県]-太平洋上 (朝7:00発 マルエーフェリー乗船)
8/26 太平洋上-有明埠頭(午前9:30着[東京都])
[color legend]
**Red Font = Organizations, Governments and Corporations we will visit
**Green Font = Famous Landmarks

・丸大鉄工㈱様 | 8/4 17:00~ (社長インタビュー)
・GLP㈱様 | 8/4 13:00~ (ショールーム訪問、社長インタビュー)
・隅除輪業様 | 8/5 19:00~(社長インタビュー)
・知多バンブープロジェクト様 | 8/5 20:30~21:30 (代表者インタビュー)
・長岡京市 | 8/9 13:00~13:40 (市長インタビュー)
・東洋竹工㈱様 | 8/9 16:00~18:00 (社長インタビュー)
・公長斎小菅㈱様 | 8/10 12:30~13:30(社長インタビュー)
・京都三条 竹松様 | 8/10 15:00-15:30(社長インタビュー)
・徳正寺様 | 8/14 17:30~22:00(懇親会)
・岩尾竹藍 | 8/18 8:00~9:30(社長インタビュー)
・大分県庁農林水産部竹産振興室 | 8/18 11:15~12:00 (「竹林学校」担当者インタビュー)
・日の丸竹工㈲様 | 8/23 8:30~10:30 (社長、常務インタビュー、竹バット工場の見学)
・鹿児島県庁林業振興課林産特用係 | 8/23 12:00~13:00(担当者インタビュー)|


About Our Project in 2010
Bamboo Samurai has one project named "Bamboo project 2010". "Bamboo project 2010" consists of two trips in Japan and US, with bamboo bike.

●The first trip is held in Japan, in Aug 2010 ( Aug 2,2010 ~ Aug 26,2010). I and my friend, Kenji travel 1,437.5miles (2,300km), from Tokyo to Kagoshima via Kyoto, with bamboo bike.
In this trip, I interview with 13 bamboo companies and municipal offices in Japan, studying bamboo, neglected bamboo forest problem, and difficulty in bamboo business.

●The second trip is held in United State, from Sep 7, 2010  to Dec 7, 2010. This trip is cross country, from Santa Cruz, CA to Brooklyn New York via Denver, 4,353.7miles(7,256km).    I want to interview  to as many as international people in United States about bamboo, bamboo bike and bamboo products. And I want to raise awareness of Eco Friendly- life and neglected Japanese bamboo forests, and to promote bamboo products. And if I can, I want to study how to make bamboo bike in Bamboobikestudio in Brooklyn, NYC for a couple of days.
Additional, in this trip, I am fund-raising. I will donate these fund to bamboo garden (fund exchanged) and bamboo dinningware to the church in San Francisco. This is my gratitude to kind American people whom I met in March 2010 in San Francisco Bay Area. Please show the Partners/ Sponsors/ Fund-raising.

Takashi Aug 1, 2010    Bamboo Samurai, founder