September 28, 2010

9/28 Caineville, Capitol Reef National Park

9/28 fine day form Torrey to Caineville
At 8:30 bamboo bike said good-bye to Rick and staj and passed Capitol Reef National Park and aimed to Hanksville, on the way bamboo bike dropped by the store in Caineville.  Ar the Capitol Reed I saw many strange red rocks, those were artistic.

Bamboo bike took rest and had a cup of coffee at the store., ate lunch.Tomatos were so sweet and apples were also so sweet!

The boss of the store Randy was so kind and friendly and we talked much. I learned from Randy much about hemp, Mesa, petroglyph of Indian and the life. I had valuable time here in Caineville, KAFFEE COFFEE HOUSE. On the entrance door of this store one petroglyph was written, which sign means "corn","mysterious".  It was valuable story I thought.
Bamboo bike homestayed at the store of Randy tonight. Thanks Randy. He taught me the importance of thinking neutral, that will give us the look duality of things and gave us the peace.  Strong wind sometimes causes us difficulty but sometimes follow us. He is my teacher.

Takashi 2010/9/28 @Caineville


9/27 Torrey

 9/27 Fine day, from Escalante to Torrey
Bamboo bikes started early morning at 5:45a.m. and met many peoples! Bamboo bike was happy to meet and talk to people! God bless bamboo! I think. Bamboo bike met Mark on the way to Boulder. He was from Netherland and now traveled from Salt lake city to Las Vegas. He traveled Japan last year. And bamboo bike met Ken and Dan who was CEO,CFO of RIDEKICK which company made electric booster of bike.

And at the grocery store "Hills Hollow "in Boulder, bamboo bike met Rick and Staj who were traveling all National parks in US by bike.
Rick was great guy because he was create the new route to enjoy National Park by bike. He was pioneer! I like such people and love the newest things. And I was interviwed about my trip and bamboo Samurai. That interview video will posted on his website. I was happy to meet them. It was miracle.

And today bamboo bike passed a lot of hills, on the summit bamboo bike met people from France and England and promote bamboo and Bamboo Samurai. I thought and noticed Bamboo bike was newest thing now. And at the subway in Torrey bamboo bike met Moshe who came from NZ and traveled in US by bike.

It was hot day in UTAH and lots of hills, bamboo bike was tired. Bamboo bike stayed at the outside near Torrey with Rick and Staj. Bamboo bike slept on the red rock, it was nice but hard....  good  sleep...zz..  Moon were big and bright.

  Takashi 2010/9/27 Torrey

9/26 thinking bamboo business 2

I just learned from Michael so much,

1)" I should be, I want to be professionals of biking and bamboo"
   Because I will do bamboo bike business and bamboo business,
And I got 2 dreams today, One is to go to see Ajax game in Amsterdam Arena with Michael, another is to cross all continents all over the world by bamboo bike which Bamboo Samurai make. I should bike-ride more and more and met many peoples and be inspired many things.

2) "Bike-loving people almost love nature and eco-friendly people"
 I noticed during this trip in US. So for Bamboo Samurai it is important thing to targeting the market. " Where market is" To access  the market which bike-loving people act and think and like and are interested in is very important thing.

3) "bamboo bike is new"
 I met many international people in this trip. Almost people said "beautiful, pretty, or I haven't seen".  They replied good response for me. Arriving new era of environment bamboo is renewable and sustainable. It is important to promote attractiveness of bamboo. I think there are bamboo culture and  traditional bamboo craftsmanship in Japan, so I think we Japanese contribute to the public society in the world, I hope there will be connect with competitive edge of Japan.

Takashi 2010/9/26@Escalante

9/26 Escalante, Bryce canyon National park ~happiest day~

9/26 Fine day from Panguitch to Escalamte
Today was the happiest day for bamboo bike and me. Because we met Michael who came from Netherlamd. He was always smile and friendly, gentleman and taught me how to ride and more things. I was inspired so much. Though I started biking from this April, I enjoyed biking today the best!  Its fun ride! And I was taught much. " Speed is not important. Keep pace, feeling good, and sometimes change pace"I will keep in mind. Thanks so much, Michael!
 I have some dreams, one of my dream is seeing Ajax soccer game at Amsterdam Arena.  I am big fun of Ajax and Netherland football. I want to see the game with Michael someday,sure! See you again, Michael!

Bamboo bike visited Bryce Canyon National Parks with Michael, It was beautiful place I have not seen. Big, wide, natural statue of red rocks! Tat was artistic. And bamboo bikes was took many  photos by many visitors.  The face of Bamboo bike was getting red(shame.haha) But got good promotion today! I delivered about 20 business cards today. Bamboo Samurai, Happy!

At the near of cannonville bamboo bike said good-bye to Michael, From him I learned very much. How to ride, keep pace, relax, always smile, and he packed well and fix flat tire so quickly. I was inspired. And I think I should be both professionals of biking and bamboo. And I noticed that bike-loving people loved "nature".

After that bamboo bike went to Escalante, on the way bamboo bike must climb steep uphill, I could hardly go ahead, and wanted to say " Go home!" I stood on the earth many times. I named that uphills "crying hamsrtring".  Bamboo bike stayed State park in Escalante, ccoked dinner Ramen and 2 breads with jam.
And bamboo bike slipped down at the hill climb for the first time, I was a little injured on the knee of my left leg. I did not find the rode side with many small  stones, and front tire slipped. Sorry bamboo bike, it was my mistake. So sorry.     Takashi 2010/9/26 Escalante State Park

ユタ州エスカランテに向けて走ります。4月より自転車に乗り出しましたが、今日ほどサイクリングを楽しんだ日はないです。オランダからきて、サンフランシスコ~ヨセミテ公園そして、ラスベガスにむけて自転車で旅しているマイケルと出会い、手取り足とり、いろいろなことを一緒二走りながら、教えてもらいました。ブライスキャ二オン国立公園にマイケルとともに訪れました。たくさんの方々から記念撮影を頼まれ、大変嬉しかったです。イタリアでもフランスでも竹自転車は目新しいものなのだと気付きました。マイケルとお別れ。もうすこし一緒に走りたかった。いつか、マイケルとオランダアヤックスのサッカーの試合を見に行きます。エスカランテに向かう途中で初めて転倒しました。わき道の小石に前輪をとられての転倒です。大きな怪我ではなく、竹自転車も頑丈なので、平気! 今日は多くのことを経験し学んだとても素敵な一日でした。

9/25 Panguitch the big fish

9/25 Fine day, from Cider city to Panguitch
At early morning I noticed flat tire of rear. huh...  And there was pumping up problem, it was very difficult to pump up, I didn't understand.
At breakfast bamboo bike are 3 oatmeals and 2 bananas and 3 bread with blueberry jam.
Bamboo bike started biking at 8:45a.m. and finished at 5:00p.m.

From Cider city uphill continued 25miles..... bamboo bike was so tired, but saw beautiful scenery. On the way of uphill bamboo bike met Alek again and took memorial photos (Takashi and Alek and bamboo bike). And we exchange address each other for Christmas cards! Wow, wonderful! Bamboo bike and I were very happy to meet Alek.

Bamboo bike ate some breads with jam at lunch on the way of uphills. Very nice

On the top of mountain there were beautiful place. The leaves turn red or yellow. Many colors there were. Orange,green,yellow,red brown,white,green,black,and more. stream of river, whistling of birds, crying of deers, If Edgar Poe were alive, what did he say when he look over such this beautiful places. "Oh, Eldorado! he may say. I love Poe the best of all poets. His poems are always static and contented with love.
How beautiful there were in UTAH! And at that time I wanted to hear "the Orinoko stream" again which  Dorothy played at Placerville wonderful night.

Bamboo bike arrived at Panguitch, and stayed at HItch'N Post. The fee was 15$, very cheap and there were clean bath and restrooms, so very comfortable. And the boss of the campground Mary donated 5$ to Bamboo Samurai! Thanks so much!
And she told me about the sign(big fish) of Panguitch. The big fish was name of Indian.
At the dinner I ate Ramen and rice. I used bamboo chopsticks and spoon which Ben presented me. Very nice! I cooked well. YATAH!     Takashi 2010/9/25 Panguicth

September 24, 2010

Re scheduling

I re schedule and posted up on this blog " route",      Takashi 2010/9/24@Cider city

9/24 Cedar city

 9/24 Fine(not Rain!)  from Milford to Cedar city
In early morning (maybe 3:30a.m) I heard sounds of rain and wake up. Zazazazazazaza.......
OMG!  Today is rainy day! I saw up the sky stars were shining but no rain. Why? My sleeping bag was wet. Why? The next time..   Zazazazazazazaza.  My face was wet! OMG! Oh! Sprinkler!  Zazazazazaza...
If you stay at Milford city park please watch out sprinklers! Very cold.

Bamboo bike passed Minersville,Utah. And there 2 times flat tire by hard thorns.  huh....
Sprinkler, 2 thorns,......
But it was no problem because Bamboo bike ate 2corn dogs. I found the equation.
(2 flat tire - 2 corn dogs = 0 )  After eating corn dogs I forgot bad feeling caused by flat tire. Corn dogs were so nice and recover energy.

Cedar city is big town and bamboo bike visited bike shop in Cedar city and talked to staff. But the response was not good. I think targeting is important thing in bamboo business. California is very good place I think.

I ate dinner with Alek who is bike loving guy and we met in Cedar city. Alek is a member of " Iowa ride"and Quad Cities Bicycle Club. I was interested that community. Alek invited me at the MILT's on the SR14 in Cedar city. I drank darker beer "Wasatch" and ate "New York steak". It was happy time. Wasatch tastes a little bitter but sharp, it was good. And the New York steak..... 2inches thickness!  I have not seen such a steak in Japan.  I was full. I recovered max energy.  Thanks Alek! Thanks, America! Bamboo bike arrived at Cedar city today and stay KOA in Cedar city.
Quad Citied Bicycle Club:
Takashi 2010/9/24@Cedar city