May 26, 2013

Strength in the weak - one meeting may change your life -

Bamboo joins in a class held in Waseda university in Tokyo and met valuable person,
whose name is Toru Shiraishi. Toru Shiraishi is a member of the Diet of the Lower House in Japan.
Also he is an alumnus of Waseda university.
He talked lots of wonderful stories and gave us inspiration, aspiration.
Bamboo believes he is one of the great politicians who has bottomless humanity.
In his lesson, he gave us a wonderful word, paradoxical but deep suggestion...
"Strength in the weak".
Also he told us, "please assure the instance when the weak changes into the strength in your life in the future"
Great words to me. Through his lesson I felt strong emotion and am feeling that he knows well the strength in the weak actually and he has deep humanity.

His website:

Bamboo Samurai, May 26th, 2013