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Bamboo Samurai has started fund-raising to donate for Glide Memorial Church, I visited last March, which gave me an inspiration to start journey cross country United States with bamboo bike. I plan to some bamboo plants and bamboo dinning bowls and plates. Bamboo plants will be planted inside that church, also bamboo dinning bowls and plates will be used in the kitchen of that church. Those products will raise awareness of Eco-friendly living more, I expect. This donation project is called for "Bamboo Samurai for Glide Memorial Church". This donation project's detail is written below, at "Fund-raise/ Donation" on this page. If you get interested in this project, please join us, donate to this project, also help Bamboo Samurai to promote this project! Thank you so much. Takashi, 2011/1/12 @Komae-city, Tokyo


  • Bamboosero
  •  a company  in Santa Cruz established by Craig Calfee, an expert carbon bicycle frame craftsman who also began teaching local craftsmen in Zambia as well as Ghana methods for building bicycle frames from bamboo               
  • Nagaokakyo-city   City locates at the south-west of Kyoto in Japan,  In the latter of 8th century Nagaokakyo-city was used to be a capital city of Japan. There are many bamboo forests in this city, city is famous for bamboo shoots. Environmental Declaration City.

  • PedalPower+   An innovation that allows bike riders to recharge their mobile phones, GPS and other small devices in a safe and regulated process from a bicycle hub or bottle dynamo.
  • i-Bamboo 私共のバンブー ファイバー 繊維商品は自然に優しい”竹”とオーガニックコットンから生まれた超天然エコロジー商品です。環境に配慮した商品を提供しお客様のファッションライフ向上のお手伝いをいたします。                                    
  • 京都三条 「竹松」 Takematsu                      京都市の三条通りと花見小路通りが交差するところに位置しています。店内には竹で作った笊、箸、インテリアなど涼しげで風合いのある美しい竹細工がところせましと陳列されています。竹の持つしなやかさ、強さ、風合いを竹製品を通して、私たちに存分に伝えています。

[Fund-raise / Donation]

・2010/9/16 ,from Anonymity @Rose Summit, Nevada, $3
・2010/9/17 ,from David @Pyramid Lake museum, Nevada, $50
・2010/9/19 ,from Anonymity @Austin, Nevada, $10
・2010/9/25 ,from Mary, Hitch'N Post @Panguitch, Utah, $5
・2010/9/28, from Randy, Kaffee Cofee House @Caineville, Utah, a cup of cofee
・2010/9/29 ,from Warner & Ally @Blanding, Utah, $2
・2010/10/2 ,from Gary and Tracy, Green Snow Oasis @Dolores,Colorado, $2
・2010/10/5 ,from John and Betty @Sargents, Colorado, $20
・2010/10/11, from David and Meliisa @Denver, Colorado, $40
・2010/11/5, from Cathy Broadway @Golconda, Illinois, $100
・2010/11/5, from Chris Hahn @Golconda, Illinois, $60
・2010/11/16,from Blount @Berea, Kentucky, $5
・2010/11/16,from Mark @Berea,Kentucky,$20
・2011/1/5,from Kazuko Fukunaga @Tokyo,$10

Bamboo Samurai appreciate your contribute to our activity. We never forget your hospitality, kindness. We will sure to contribute to bamboo business, green society.  Takashi 2010/11/16 Update

In bamboo project2010, Bamboo Samurai is fund-raising. We will donate some bamboo gardens and bamboo bowls and plates to the Glide Memorial Church , a nonprofit organization in San Francisco, visited at this March, gave me an inspiration to start journey cross country United States. This is my gratitude for America, American kind people, also one of my objects to raise awareness of Eco friendly life more. 

"Bamboo Samurai for Glide Memorial Church"

Another story is proceeding!

I started fund-raise on "Facebook Causes"since Dec 29. I continue to fund-raise during about 2 month, to the end of February 2011. I want to donate 4 bamboo gardens and 20-25 bamboo bowls and plates to Glide Memorial Church to raise awareness Eco friendly life more. I visited Glide Memorial Church this March, I studied an importance to help each other, also gave me an inspiration to start journey cross country United States with bamboo bike. I plan to donate 4 bamboo gardens to "the creative space" of Glide Memorial Church which is a very pleasant small gallery used for glide's members and guest art exhibits, partnering with Bamboo Giant, will give 25% discount on any and all bamboo gardens. The room has high ceiling (12-15 feet high), and uses lots of recycled and renewable materials, including bamboo flooring. And I plant to donate 20-25 bamboo bowls and plates to "the new demonstration kitchen" of Glide Memorial Church, which is used to provide cooking classes to neighbors in the community about improving diets through cooking healthier meals using local ingredients. If you get interested in this donation, please join us!   Takashi

I am fund-raising through this trip with bamboo bike,
I have an idea to donate some bamboo plants (maybe 60 gallons with barrier, soil) to the Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco. I studied non-profit business in San Francisco Bay area for 2 weeks, in this March, 2010. I was inspired so much, felt strong emotion, and was helped much by the people whom I met there. I attached some sentense which I wrote on my diary at that time as follows. After visiting the Glide Memorial Church, I decided to cross coutry trip in United States by bike while fund-raising, and to donate the Glide Memorial Church. That is one of the biggest reasons that now I am here, traveling cross United States with bike.

"Voluntary spirit is a part of general humanity. It provides a cordial relief to the others. I feel it much in San Francisco and Stanford. I think that Japanese should learn it from American. Particularly in the Memorial Glide Church I felt strong emotion! There is a sense of unity and spirit of mutual help. Names of babies who were born in the area were called and all of participant there celebrated the new lives. Awesome!"  ,related blog, March31 2010,

Now I am studying tax refundable donation style / culture to non-profit organization, This style / culture is unique for me, but makes sense.  In Japan I never heard such this donation style / culture. And I consider about the system to danate, and talked to some friends / get some adivises from them.

Now I pick up 4 bamboo species which I prefer  by /my story, color, and shape / to donate to the Glide Memorial Church. And another style of donation is discussed, "bamboo dinnerware", bamboo dinnerware (plates and bowls) that could be used in the new demonstration kitchen (sponsored by Safeway supermarkets). They have about 20-25 families, so they would expect about 20-25 bowls and plates. Now I have been proceeding this project, about fundraising system, sponsor, expense, location, space, and.. and..  I will update about this project in detail up on this blog.

1.Moso Timber bamboo - Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens
This specie is related to my story of Bamboo Samurai, this bamboo causes neglected bamboo   forests in Japan!

2.Yellow groove bamboo - Phyllostachys aureosulcata
I prefer color / shape of this bamboo!

3.Giant black bamboo - Phyllostachys nigra - Dikokuchiku  
 I prefer color of this bamboo, very unique, it tells people the attractiveness of bamboo!

4.Crookstem bamboo - Phyllostachys bambusoides slender crookstem 
 I prefer shape of this bamboo, it is funny, it entertain people!