March 11, 2011

3/12 Earthquake

3/12 Fine day, 0miles, Komae, Tokyo

The number of vistims, Earthquake and Tsunami is gradually increased. 200 over now..Also the scene of damaged place by Tsunami is so terrible. And many aftershocks still continue.  
Bamboo Samurai donated US $10 to fund-raising project to help them on Facebook, Help Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Victims",
Takashi 2011/3/12 @Komae, Tokyo

3/11 Earthquake

3/11 Fine day, 0mile, Keio University

There was an earthquake in Japan around 3p.m. magnitude 8.8. At that time I studied in a classroom of University. When I rushed/ escaped out from university, the bridge trembled and almost was destroyed. All trains around Tokyo did not work, so I walked toward home, took about 4 hours. I was tired. I just called my family, friends, they are all fine. But terrible situation there are in Japan, particularly north east of Japan, Miyagi, Iwate, Fukushima.  
Takashi 2011/3/11

March 10, 2011

3/11 Cafe Restaurant HACHIKUYA ~カフェレストラン淡竹屋~

3/11 Fine day, 0mile, Keio University, Kanagawa

I introduce an unique restaurant in Shizuoka, Japan today.
The name is "Cafe Restaurant HACHIKUYA ", have already new-opened on January 21,2011!

In this restaurant there are many bamboo products; bamboo charcoal, bamboo chair, bamboo floor, bamboo powder..etc. You can see, touch, feel those bamboo!
And there are some bamboo foods; bamboo sausage, bamboo cookie, etc. Also you can eat some vegetables and foods brought up by bamboo powders as a fertilizer, as a feed. You can eat, taste those bamboo!
You must be relaxed in this cafe restaurant with tyo many bamboo!
,feel good with bamboo atmosphere!

If you have time, you can check "Cafe Restaurant HACHIKUYA" information by these websites as follows,

P.S. Bamboo Samurai visited HACHIKUYA last summer, 2010 with bamboo bike. I and bamboo bike stayed one night there. We were helped so much by them. Thanks.

Takashi 2011/3/11@Keio University, Kanagawa

Airing on TV (Cycloimage, CycloChannel)

3/11 Fine day, 0mile, Keio University, Kanagawa

Update Bamboo Samurai's video on CycloChannel website!



Takashi 2011/3/11@Hiyoshi, Keio University