September 6, 2014

Bamboo in historical Dumpling

Drop in to the one of the oldest restaurant in Shenyang.. to eat bamboo in dumpling..

Bamboo visited here with his friends.. restaurant located on the main street.. lots of people bamboo there..   No problem.. in dumpling there may be some bamboo I believed..

saw the menu.. bamboo founded appropriate one.. chosen, and ate.. so nice.. thanks, China.

 ..ate much, beee was good, so that bamboo can travel in China..
in the future, bamboo bike in the Great China.. aspire..
thanks my friends, thanks good foods!

Many thanks and kind rgds, Takashi    Aug, in Shenyang.

Bamboo Samurai hike on the great wall

Bamboo Samurai hike on the great wall in China..visited Qinhuangdao, is a port city and prefecture-level city in northeastern Hebei province, People's Republic of China. It is about 300 km (190 mi) east of Beijing, on the Bohai Sea, the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea. Here is the historical place regarding Qing Dynasty 1644-1912.

On the wall, some steep steps, and beautiful continuous landscape, green pond fish swimming, nostalgic broken bricks, ancient hole to shoot the enemy in the tower...feel nostalgia.
...feel how labor power pour into such kind of  gigantic construction.. Great wall.. great China..

searched around for the bamboo...  not there.. sad...

Many thanks and kind rgds, Bamboo Samurai, Aug 24th, 2014

Bamboo shoot in Shenyang

Bamboo shoot on the rotating dining table in Shenyang, China.. shoot was soft to eat by boiling and tastes a little bit salty.. very nice to me... think bamboo is much familiar in China.

Many thanks and kind rgrd, Bamboo Samurai