February 12, 2011

2/11 Mahogany bike

2/11 Snow day, 0mile, Shin-Kiba, Tokyo

Today it snowed in Tokyo, it was beautiful to see snow on the roof of houses, cars. It was very cold and saw my breath occurred white from my mouth. Because I caught a cold today, a little more I felt colder, maybe.. Also today is a holiday, National Foundation Day".
Today I was invited by my friend, Fred to meet Sano who made mahogany bikes, his company "Sanomagic".
In Japan trip with bamboo bike last August I got kind e-mail from him, he was the first bamboosero's bamboo bike rider in Japan. I am the second, also I met a gentleman in Hiroshima who was the third bamboo bike rider in Japan. Strange bamboo band~~! Isn't it?~~

I saw 3 mahogany bikes, awesome beautiful! This mahogany bike was displayed at Euro bike.
Sano makes these bikes by his own hands, originally he makes wooden boats. And Fred brought his own bamboo bike, which was made from bamboo in Kyoto, Japan, so he put his bamboo bike side by mahogany bikes. 4 natural material bikes there were, cool~.

He was so kind that I got a chance to ride on a mahogany bike, weighed very light, felt as if I were flying while riding, easy to pedal.
Sano told us about the spirits of craftsmanship, his passion to make products, competitiveness of Japan, his theory to make mahogany bike. I felt strong emotion to listen his story.
I got great experiences today, Thank you Sano san, Fred!

Takashi 2011/2/11 @Shin-Kiba


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