February 18, 2011

2/17 join in a conference ~Bamboo Cafe in Kyoto~

2/17 Rain, 0mile, Imadegawa, Kyoto

Bamboo bike stayed at my aunt's house in Tokyo, I visited Doshisya University of Imadegawa, Kyoto on 17 Feb, today to join a conference related to bamboo, "Bamboo Cafe in Kyoto". It was rainy day, a little cold. I arrived at Kyoto after 6 month abstinence. Bamboo Cafe was founded 3 years ago, is a platform to discuss about overpopulated bamboo forests in Japan with some organizations, experts. Today's conference was held between 3p.m. and 9p.m.

I talked about my journey with bamboo bike in a conference. This experience was good for me and bamboo bike. And there was an important suggestion about safety problem of durability about bamboo bike.

In that conference I drank hot tea, ate curry. That tea smelled very sweet, like an apple.

In a latter half of conference there was a lecture about traditional Japanese design related in life style using bamboo. I understood that design was complicated work related to old art works, life style, Japanese old poem, craftsmanship, finance. Professor said that design was called in Italy as a work by King or God.  Cool.  And furthermore I heard 2 interesting stories. One was related to situation, another was image. In Japanese traditional design works every creatures head to left  from right, means move towards left side. And head light of Toyota Lexus was inspired by eyes of Japanese old Buddhist statue, "Niou-san". Niou-san is powerful statue and very known in Japan. I have known those things for the first time. Cool.    Takashi 2011/2/17 @Imadegawa, Kyoto

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