June 26, 2010

新宿にバーガーキング二号店オープン | New Burger King outlet is now open in Shinjuku

これからは、あの激ウマのバーガーキングのワッパーをもっと気楽に食べに行ける。新しいBurger King (BK) のお店、バーガーキング新宿京王モール店が新宿駅から徒歩0分のところにオープンしました。場所は新宿駅西口側の京王モールの中です。すでに、新宿にバーガーキングはありますが、駅からは徒歩10分くらいと遠く遠回りをせずに行くと一度地上にでないと行けない不便さがありました。しかし、もうそんな不便さは解消です!雨で地上出たくないときなどに是非どうぞ! そうそう、ちなみに、バーガーキング新宿1号店(日本で最初のバーガーキング)があるアイランドタワービルには、同じく世界的ハンバーガーチェーンのマクドナルドの本社が入ってるんですw 面白いですね~
You can have a great whopper much conveniently from now on. A new Burger King (BK) has opened at Shinjuku inside Shinjuku train station building underground city. We already had BK in Shinjuku which is first BK outlet in Japan, but it is little bit faraway from Shinjuku train station (about 10 min walk from the station). So, now you can get the tasty whopper without going outside of the train station building. Try it out, if you never had BK! It's expensive but better than McDonald's.

This new outlet is placed inside of Shinjuku train station buildings, specifically inside of Keio shopping mall which is a part of huge underground city of Shinjuku. If you get off from Shinjuku JR train station west exit, go straight until you see a monument has world clock and taxi place, then turn left and walk along the way. You'll see BK on your right after 2 minutes walk. Near the restaurant, you can see Lotteria or drag store. The image below shows you the view around BK.

店舗の外からは座る所がほとんどなさそうに見えますが、中に入ってみると以外と客席多いです。夜のディナータイムに行ってみたのですが、満席で座れないってことはありませんでした。座席によっては少し窮屈ってところもありますが、そこはいたしかたないのかもしれません。ちなみに、パソコンやandroid携帯のための電源を探してる方にはここのお店はお勧めできません。コンセントがある席ないです。コンセントが使えるお店探してる方はそこから近くのマクドナルド南新宿店へどうぞ~ 2と3階にコンセントがついた席が結構な数あります。
From outside, it seems like there are little seats for eating, but actually there are many seats although it was little bit tight. In addition, if you are looking for plug in for your electronic devices such as lap top or android phone, this place isn't suitable. There are no seat has the plug. If you are looking for it, go to McDonald's South Shinjuku outlet instead. They have many seats with plug-in on 2nd and 3rd floor.

in-store look

This is what I had at new Burger King Restaurant in Shinjuku, Double Whopper Onion Ring meal.

If you never had Bueger King, why don't you try it out? If it's rain, check out this Burger King mobile phone coupon and have a tasty Burger without getting wet!

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