June 26, 2010

A part-time job to fundraising

26 June 2010 Saturday, cloudy day, sometimes rain, I just worked part-time job from 9:00-18:00@Mejiro, Tokyo to fund raising for my bamboo bike trip this fall 2010. My work is to promote to sell digital compact camera, and single-lens reflex camera at giant electrical appliance retailer, for example, Yamada electrics, Big camera, Yodobashi camera, and so on in Japan.
This picture of bamboo is the place where is located at next to my working place and bamboo trees are planted at the front of the building.
The building is a museum of old stamps.
The bamboo trees are beautiful and make this museum be attractive, I think, I feel.

 It is one way to use bamboo tree as trees planted in the Japanese gardens. Old Japanese people used bamboo trees to construct houses, fences, and the other style of living. And they felt bamboo trees looked beautiful, attractive. But now there hardly are ways to use any bamboo products in Japan. So bamboo forests are neglected and uncontrolled, and so are spreading, and are causing various social problems and ecosystem is affected badly by spreading bamboo forests.
In Toyama prefecture, the area of bamboo forests in 2008 is 2 times as much as in 1975 and  is 1124ha.  I think to find new attractive bamboo products is needed now in Japan.
 " Bamboo Samurai" is the student's social enterprise's organization. We plan bamboo bike trip across US this fall 2010. I and my friend who is the vise president & CTO of Bamboo Samurai will  travel across US riding bamboo bike.
We plan we will send Live Broadcasting on this blog using web-technology "Live stream".
It is coming soon! Please keep waiting!
And we plan to construct donation shceme on this blog, we need some help to travel US, please support us!

Best sincerely, 26 June 2010
Bamboo project2010,
Bamboo Samurai
CEO, Runner

This photo is bamboo bike's frame, which Bamboosero staff is making for me. I think this is very beautiful, shine, cool!  Bamboosero is a non-profit organization in CA. The staff is very kind!

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