January 10, 2011

1/11 watched my documentary aired on TV in Japan

1/11 Fine day, 10miles, Komae-city

("Airing on Japanese TV", Cycloimage, Cyclochannel)

I watched documentary film aired on BS-TBS, "Ginrin no Kaze" on January 10, 23:30-24:00 with my aunt. That film was tyo cool, in that film there were many scenery in Japan, United States, Golconda, New York, also in Kentucky. I felt nostalgia for United States, Golconda, many many cities which I visited with bamboo bike again. I felt gratitude for everyone whom we met in United States, also in Japan again. Thank you so much, my friends! And I got power from this film. Also I should say thank you so much for Hiro who produced this film. Hiro was so earnest that did such this tyo great work. Hiro is a good cameraman, editor,also journalist, I think. Thank you so much, Hiro! After talking to Hiro, and his company, I will/want to post this film on this blog.

Next airing, On radio in Japan, INTERFM 76.1, "Concerned Generation"

1st: 1/15 16:30-17:00 (repeat 1/19 23:00-23:30)
2nd: 1/22 16:30-17:00 (repeat 1/26 23:00-23:30)

If you have time, interested in, please listen with me and bamboo bike!

("A beautiful painting painted by Wang Mancheng")

Takashi 2011/1/11 @Komae-city


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