January 22, 2011

1/22 special meeting with Ashoka Japan, a request from another Japanese radio program

1/22 Fine day, 10miles, Komae-city

("JR Ebisu station, Tokyo")

On January 17, I was invited to the debuts press interview of Ashoka Japan, there I handed out presentation data of Bamboo Samurai's activity to the staff of Ashoka Japan. Ashoka is a fund which invests to individuals who contribute to solve social problem in the world. Cool. This special meeting also wonderful experience were tyo happy and very proudful for me and bamboo bike, hoping from their contacts in the future, Bamboo Samurai will keep going, keep going. Thank you so much for everyone who have been supporting me and bamboo bike, keep going with friends.

("Bill Drayton, debuts press interview of Ashoka Japan")

After that meeting I met Ben strong at Ebisu, Japan, Ebisu is a famous place for beer brewing in Japan, "Ebisu beer" is one of the most famous beer in Japan. Ben, who is a staff of VIA, traveled with bamboo bike together in California, so kind that he taught me English, how to cook, how to camp in the beginning of our journey, also sent me his bamboo bike after accident(my first bamboo bike was broken at that accident). I enjoyed eating Vietnam foods with him and his friends in Ebisu. Thank you Ben.
Yesterday, 1/21 I got an application of Ph.D of mechanical engineering of Doshisha University, have to prepare for the entrance exam held on Feb 18, to make bamboo bike by myself.


Yesterday I also received a request to live appearance of Japanese radio program, wow! The program is "Flowers", via Japanese FM networks, by DJ Eiko Matsumoto, a famous singer. On that radio I will talk about some stories that I and bamboo bike were helped, supported by many people whom we met in the journey of United States. "Flowers" will set to some radio stations in Japan from Monday to Thursday 13:30-16:45, each frequency you can check via this site, Bamboo Samurai will set to air on 1/24 15:20-15:40, if you have time, please listen, stay tune, thanks.  Takashi 2011/1/22 @Komae-city, Tokyo

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