January 7, 2011

1/8 hand out thesis, took part in radio

1/8 Cloudy day, 0miles, @Komae city

I already moved to Komae city, Tokyo 3 days ago. Also bamboo bike arrived at Tokyo 2 days ago. I handed out thesis for University on January 6, but there are some parts to correct in that thesis, so I have been spending busy days to write thesis, read reference books for this January, February, March. It is cold but does not snow in Tokyo. 2 days ago, on January 6, I took part in a radio program as a guest, "Concerned Generation", on INTER FM 76.1MHz. I talked about my journey with bamboo bike in United States, also about neglected bamboo forests in Japan on that radio program. It was the first experience to visit radio station for me, so it was fun to me. That "talk show" on that radio, will set on air divided into 2 parts, the first will set to air on 1/15 4:30p.m. - 5:00p.m., the second will set to air on 1/22 4:30p.m. to 5:00 p.m., both on INTER FM 76.1MHz. If you have time, please listen!

("In InterFM studio")

("Angel teddy pan", Rira kuma, Mr. doughnut)

On this week also, I have to prepare for presentation of thesis on January 15 in Keio University.

My documentary will set to air, please watch, please listen!
On TV:  1/10 23:30 - 24:00, BS- TBS, "Ginrin no Kaze"
On radio: 1/15 16:30 - 17:00, FM76.1MHz, "Concerned Generation"
              (repeated on 1/19 23:00-23:30, FM76.1MHz, "Concerned Generation")
              1/22 16:30 - 17:00, FM76.1MHz, "Concerned Generation")
              (repeated on 1/26 23:00-23:30, FM76.1MHz, "Concerned Generation"

Takashi, 2011/1/8 @Komae, Tokyo

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