January 15, 2011

1/16 from a classroom of University KEIO

1/16 Fine day, 0miles, @Keio University, Hiyoshi

("Chochin" Bamboo in Japan, Nancy Moore Bess)

Now I stay in a classroom of Keio University, my school. Yesterday, I finished doing presentation of University, that presentation reported about bamboo products, bamboo in Japan and journey with bamboo bike. In that happy presentation there were some laughter, serious suggestions. After presentation my professor said to me, "exciting presentation". Now I feel a sense of relief. And Bamboo Samurai was aired to Japanese radio, INTERFM 76.1, "Concerned Generation" yesterday, listened with my aunt at home, I felt tyo happy. The next airing will set to next Saturday 16:30-17:00 via INTERFM 76.1, "Concerned Generation. Tomorrow a prayer-for-debuts  press interview of "Ashoka Japan" will be held, Bamboo Samurai is very glad to be invited to that event, may get chance to talk Bill Drayton, CEO of Ashoka, so now I prepare another presentation to them in a classroom of Keio University. These 2 photos "tyo-chin" and "new species of insect found in Papua New Guinea", I used in my presentation of University yesterday.

("New species from New Guinea", cosmiclog on msnbc.com)

Bamboo Samurai next Airing to radio, 2011/1/22 16:30-17:00 via INTERFM 76.1
(!st airing will repeat on 1/19 23:00-23:30 via INTERFM76.1)
Takashi 2011/1/16 @KEIO University

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