January 24, 2011

1/24 appear on Japanese radio, "Flowers"

1/24 Fine day, 0mile, Hanzoumon

("Tokyo FM building", Japan FM networks, Flowers)

There has been no rained these days in Tokyo..
On January 24, I appeared on Japanese radio program, "Flowers", via Japan FM networks, which locates near Hanzoumon sta., Tokyo. I talked to Eiko Matsumoto, D.J., a famous singer, about my activity with bamboo bike. Her voice is tyo clear, transparent, pretty, beautiful, if you have time, please listen her songs, one of her beautiful songs, "Squall", tyo good!. On that radio, we talked about, "what is bamboo bike?", "how was homestay in United States?", "What is donation project?"..etc. I was tyo happy to talk these things, because of promotion of bamboo bike, bamboo, kind people, friends met in United States, donation project. Also thank you so much, Eiko Matsumoto-san, staffs of "Flowers".
My donation project, is "Bamboo Samurai for Glide Church", plans to donate 4 bamboo plants and 20-25 bamboo dining bowls and plates to church in San Francisco, please join us, also please donate, thanks, keep going. Takashi 2011/1/24 @Hanzoumon

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