January 26, 2011

1/26 A front-page of newspaper

1/26 Fine day, 0mile, Komae-city

("Japanese bicyclist arrives in Brooklyn", Mountain Democrat Newspaper, Dec 31, 2010)

Tyo happy! I reaceived a newspaper from Placerville, California tonight. I and bamboo bike appeared on a front-page of that newspaper with New Year celebration 2011! At Placerville I home-stayed at a house of "cool lady" 's with Ben and bamboo bikes. At that wonderful night she played "Orinoco Flow" with piano for us. Also we drank some beers,"Coors light" together and took great rest with talking and spent one of the happiest time.

("Japanese bicyclist arrives in Brooklyn", Mountain Democrat Newspaper, Dec 31, 2010)

An additional story about us there is now. On January 24, 2011, when I appeared on Japanese radio, "Flowers", I asked the director of that radio program to play "Orinoco Flow"as a good memory in United States. He was so kind and excited that he played "Orinoco Flow" on that radio program. Cool. thanks.

("Japanese bicyclist arrives in Brooklyn", a front-page of Mountain Democrat Newspaper, Dec 31 , 2010)

("Japanese bicyclist arrives in Brooklyn", A-14 of Mountain Democrat Newspaper, Dec 31, 2010)

Takashi 2011/1/26 @Komae-city


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