September 12, 2010

9/10 Start from BAMBOOSERO!! 1st day of trip

10/Sep/2010@Bamboosero in Santa Cruz
Today is the 1st day of bamboo bike trip in US! I had wonderful experiences today. I dipped in the sea of West Coast in Santa Cruz Beach with my friend's father, Philip Strong. This is a ceremony to cross country. "Coast to coast bamboo bike shop"!!
And bye-bye-to Aaron, who is very friendly guy and gave me many advices and staff of BAMBOOSERO. Without his help, I can not reach here today. THANKS, Aaron! Good friend!

My first rest, in Gina's CASALEGNO'S, which is a grocery store in Santa Cruz in Soquel rd, I talked with her and staff and Chris about trip and bamboo bike, BAMBOOSERO. Japan.

I lost my map at BAMBOOSERO, so without map I travel all the way today, so I lost my way many many times. But American people were soooo kind!!! I was helped many many times, and I got many chanses to talk about bamboo, social problem of spreading bamboo forests, bamboo bike! I was so happy. Bamboo bike is so nice! Many people in US don't know bamboo bike, and their responses were so good! About route, Old Santa Cruz Rd was so nice! (but tired....)

Today's goal  is Palo Alto, about 60miles, When I arrived at Stanford university, I felt so relaxed. After riding I met VIA's friends and friend of Stanford university. I was invited a dinner at 3 seasons  in Stanford. I had a great time. Thanks everyone who I met today and thanks bamboo!

Takashi 10/Sep/2010

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