September 24, 2010

9/24 Cedar city

 9/24 Fine(not Rain!)  from Milford to Cedar city
In early morning (maybe 3:30a.m) I heard sounds of rain and wake up. Zazazazazazaza.......
OMG!  Today is rainy day! I saw up the sky stars were shining but no rain. Why? My sleeping bag was wet. Why? The next time..   Zazazazazazazaza.  My face was wet! OMG! Oh! Sprinkler!  Zazazazazaza...
If you stay at Milford city park please watch out sprinklers! Very cold.

Bamboo bike passed Minersville,Utah. And there 2 times flat tire by hard thorns.  huh....
Sprinkler, 2 thorns,......
But it was no problem because Bamboo bike ate 2corn dogs. I found the equation.
(2 flat tire - 2 corn dogs = 0 )  After eating corn dogs I forgot bad feeling caused by flat tire. Corn dogs were so nice and recover energy.

Cedar city is big town and bamboo bike visited bike shop in Cedar city and talked to staff. But the response was not good. I think targeting is important thing in bamboo business. California is very good place I think.

I ate dinner with Alek who is bike loving guy and we met in Cedar city. Alek is a member of " Iowa ride"and Quad Cities Bicycle Club. I was interested that community. Alek invited me at the MILT's on the SR14 in Cedar city. I drank darker beer "Wasatch" and ate "New York steak". It was happy time. Wasatch tastes a little bitter but sharp, it was good. And the New York steak..... 2inches thickness!  I have not seen such a steak in Japan.  I was full. I recovered max energy.  Thanks Alek! Thanks, America! Bamboo bike arrived at Cedar city today and stay KOA in Cedar city.
Quad Citied Bicycle Club:
Takashi 2010/9/24@Cedar city

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