September 16, 2010

9/14 Lover's leap campgroud

14/Sep/2010 From Placerville to Strawberry (Lover's leap campground)

Caramel apple!!
too sweet, get calorie!
Today Bamboo bike stated from Dorthy's house at Placerville, went on uphills, continue,continue......  and took a rest at Apple HIlls. And Bamboo bike ate caramel apple. nice.

went on uphills, bamboo bike went on Pony express Hwy. Wells Fargo used to a postman and used a wagon and passed this way. So this way was named " Pony express". I see.
but I sympathized pony,... uphills.  On the way bamboo bike met motor cycle loving guys. "Take care, bamboo bike!"

Today bamboo bike was punctured many times, hu..... bamboo bike was stepped on 4 small nails.  OMG....

On the way of 50, bamboo bike met 2 Hitchhiking guys, Alltime hitchhiking, oh, coool! And tonight bamboo bike arrived at Strawberry Rodge, Around there "Lover's leap" stood like a big grave. We stayed at campground near "Lover's leap". At night, it was soooooo cold, and we met big dog( first time it seemed likes wolf  princess of Mononoke" Oh, God, help.  But the dog was very frinedly. I think that reason is that we rode on bamboo bike.  "BAMBOO helped us"  

Takashi 2010/9/14

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