September 23, 2010

9/20 Eureka, NV

9/20 Fine day, from Bob scott campground to Eureka
Bamboo bike arrived at Eureka,NV today. Passed over one summit, Hichison summit(6,546). speed 12miles/hour.

Eureka is nostalgic town and people there were so kind and friendly. I wrote letters to my parents lives in Japan at post office at Eureka. In front of the post office bamboo bike talked to Lawrence who was a computer consultant of Barrier Breakers. He was so kind that I used internet in his office! So I posted on articles up this blog(~9/19 Bob scott). And at his office bamboo bike met his neighborhood, Eric.

Eric and his wife Quin, and their child "Lilie" invited bamboo bike at chinese restaurant in Eureka. The food was so nice! Bamboo bike ate too much and recovered energy. And bamboo bike stayed their home. At home I saw "Godzilla". Unbelievable! I saw Godzilla in America!! Bamboo bike met wonderful people and had great time in Eureka! Thanks Lawrence, Eric, Quin, Lilie, David and staff in grocery stores and post office and thanks Eureka.

Takashi  2010/9/20 Eureka

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