September 24, 2010

9/24 think bamboo business1

When I think about bamboo business and initial stage of startup, I should think now these follows in my heart. Deborah and Ben and people who I met in this trip, I was inspired.

1) building board
2) building international advisory
3) loving biking  
4) think globally
5) promotion
6) know about bamboo more

now Bamboo Samurai is me only. So I am busy, promotion,accounting,strategy,technology,...and so on. So I should build board. And bamboo business in Japan is shrinking because substitute(plastics) appears and high cost. But I think the possibility of bamboo is sure to exist. Thinking globally and building international advisory is needed. And I got some ideas of bamboo products for biking while riding on bike. So I should ride more. And bamboo is renewable resource and has ecological sound. So the people who are eco-friendly will be sure to like bamboo. "Sustainability","Renewable""Eco",..and so on, More promotion should be needed. And I must learn about bamboo. "How is bamboo prior to carbon or aluminum, titanium, how is the case?"

Now I got idea of  Bamboo Samurai's promotion phrase in my head.
"Are you biking? or bambooing?"     How about this?!          
I will think about my business while riding on bamboo bike and promoting and seeing people.   Takashi 2010/9/24@Cider city

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