September 20, 2010

9/17 Fallon

9/17 Fine day, from Reno to Fallon
Bamboo bike visited Pyramid Lake. There were many beautiful place in Nevada, big and unbelievable and   wide. Nevada is hot but wild! Bamboo bike was so surprised many many times. California is so good and Nevada is also so good.

At the museum of Pyramid Lake bamboo bike met David museum's curator and talked bamboo. He said there were bamboo in Texas and he knew about bamboo well. Bamboo bike understood bamboo was well known in America. Bamboo bike had great time with them, Thanks David!

And Bamboo bike ate lunch which Deborah made for me, chickens and carrots "ant on the cane"! Ant on the cane is so sweet and energetic. Thanks so much, Deborah! I was so helped. おいし~!(it tasted so nice) And Bamboo bike was very happy to feel American family's food.

Bamboo bike arrived at the Fairground in Fallon, there were many horses and camping cars, Bamboo bike ate dinner, Indian curry which Ryan gave me.  Ryan is Ben's roommate. Thanks Ryan.  Takashi 2010/9/17@Fallon

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