September 20, 2010

9/19 Bob Scott campground

9/19 Fine day, from Cold Springs Station to Bob Scott summit campground

Bamboo bike kept on going on Hwy 50.  Nevada was hot but wild. In front of bamboo bike big scale scenery was spread and passed over one by one. It was very beautiful.  Today bamboo bike passed 4 summits, New Pass Summit(6,348), Mt,Airy Summit(6,679) , Austin Summit(7,484) and Bob Scott Summit and we stayed at Bob Scott campground.

Today It was very hard to me, long climb. particular the way to New Pass Summit and to Austin Summit were very steep for me.  Sometimes strong wind came over against bamboo bike from summit of mountains, it was tough for bamboo bike to climb up but the wind cooled off the heat of  my body. Go Bamboo Bike! Please show me your strength of bamboo bike!

Bamboo bike camped at Bob Scott campground, It was cold but I could endure because I equipped some warm wears.  At Reno Deborah took me REI and there I bought some warm wears (hat, tops and  bottoms).

I cooked dinner, chicken soup and "飯 (meshi, in Japanese)".  I cooked very poor, so rice were still hard, OMG! I mixed chocolate and almond with rice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  At the result...  the tastes was......not good...Oops!

And at night I was attacked by squirrel and almost was bitten. It was nightmare. I couldn't forget the voice of squirrel before attack......   it was like a wild cat....   So I could not sleep well tonight.
But at the midnight when I gazed at the sky, I looked the numerous stars I have never seen. Wonderful.
Stars were shinning but sound nothing.....   It was poetic.      Takashi 2010/9/19 @Bob Scott summit campground


  1. Hi Takashi! It's great to get your voicemail and see your updates on the blog. I'm sorry to hear the rice you had was hard, but glad to read that you are eating! Also, happy to know you had some warm gear.

    Please continue to be smart, stay safe, and keep away from crazy squirrels!


  2. Way to go Takashi! I'm very excited for, and proud of you! Way to go brother samari! You and that bike can go the distance, I know you can!

    Listen to what Ben Strong said above though: "be smart, stay safe, and keep away from crazy squirrels!"

    Now those are words of wisdom right there. Take care bro!

    Ben Kyler

  3. Dear
    Ben strong,Ben Kyler

    Thank you so much.
    Be smart,stay safe. Those words are in my heart with you.
    .....And squirrel....
    yesterday I stayed at Great Basin campgroud...
    I was afraid the same accident...through the night.... the result..... was OK!!!!
    Keep away from crazy squirrels!
    Now bamboo bike is in Milford Utah. 2010/9/23 Takashi