September 28, 2010

9/25 Panguitch the big fish

9/25 Fine day, from Cider city to Panguitch
At early morning I noticed flat tire of rear. huh...  And there was pumping up problem, it was very difficult to pump up, I didn't understand.
At breakfast bamboo bike are 3 oatmeals and 2 bananas and 3 bread with blueberry jam.
Bamboo bike started biking at 8:45a.m. and finished at 5:00p.m.

From Cider city uphill continued 25miles..... bamboo bike was so tired, but saw beautiful scenery. On the way of uphill bamboo bike met Alek again and took memorial photos (Takashi and Alek and bamboo bike). And we exchange address each other for Christmas cards! Wow, wonderful! Bamboo bike and I were very happy to meet Alek.

Bamboo bike ate some breads with jam at lunch on the way of uphills. Very nice

On the top of mountain there were beautiful place. The leaves turn red or yellow. Many colors there were. Orange,green,yellow,red brown,white,green,black,and more. stream of river, whistling of birds, crying of deers, If Edgar Poe were alive, what did he say when he look over such this beautiful places. "Oh, Eldorado! he may say. I love Poe the best of all poets. His poems are always static and contented with love.
How beautiful there were in UTAH! And at that time I wanted to hear "the Orinoko stream" again which  Dorothy played at Placerville wonderful night.

Bamboo bike arrived at Panguitch, and stayed at HItch'N Post. The fee was 15$, very cheap and there were clean bath and restrooms, so very comfortable. And the boss of the campground Mary donated 5$ to Bamboo Samurai! Thanks so much!
And she told me about the sign(big fish) of Panguitch. The big fish was name of Indian.
At the dinner I ate Ramen and rice. I used bamboo chopsticks and spoon which Ben presented me. Very nice! I cooked well. YATAH!     Takashi 2010/9/25 Panguicth

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