September 28, 2010

9/27 Torrey

 9/27 Fine day, from Escalante to Torrey
Bamboo bikes started early morning at 5:45a.m. and met many peoples! Bamboo bike was happy to meet and talk to people! God bless bamboo! I think. Bamboo bike met Mark on the way to Boulder. He was from Netherland and now traveled from Salt lake city to Las Vegas. He traveled Japan last year. And bamboo bike met Ken and Dan who was CEO,CFO of RIDEKICK which company made electric booster of bike.

And at the grocery store "Hills Hollow "in Boulder, bamboo bike met Rick and Staj who were traveling all National parks in US by bike.
Rick was great guy because he was create the new route to enjoy National Park by bike. He was pioneer! I like such people and love the newest things. And I was interviwed about my trip and bamboo Samurai. That interview video will posted on his website. I was happy to meet them. It was miracle.

And today bamboo bike passed a lot of hills, on the summit bamboo bike met people from France and England and promote bamboo and Bamboo Samurai. I thought and noticed Bamboo bike was newest thing now. And at the subway in Torrey bamboo bike met Moshe who came from NZ and traveled in US by bike.

It was hot day in UTAH and lots of hills, bamboo bike was tired. Bamboo bike stayed at the outside near Torrey with Rick and Staj. Bamboo bike slept on the red rock, it was nice but hard....  good  sleep...zz..  Moon were big and bright.

  Takashi 2010/9/27 Torrey

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