September 12, 2010

9/11 Martinez wonderful night!

11/Sep/2010 fine @Palo Alto - Martinez, CA

I touched warm hearts tonight.  I was invited wonderful dinner in Martinez. So kind, and fun! I had a happiest time tonight. Thanks!

I traveled about 60miles, lost ways many times, was so tired, but laughter and talking at dinner regained our vigor. I and BAMBOO SAMURAI  will give many people in California bamboo bikes which I make by using Japanese bamboo someday.

Lunch were Tacos, some Mexican foods. I ate at the Mexican truck. (屋台)

And I visited UC Berkeley, today there was a foot ball game, and I saw victory marching there! It was so fun!

Today started from Stanford university, and via Oakland (visited BAMBOOBIKEWORKS, but not open) , and arrived Martinez, CA.

In America, Bamboo bike is new! People's reactions are splendid. I am happy. In California there are many bike-loving people and eco-friendly people, so here may be Mecca of bamboo bike. I am happy that many people notice attractiveness of bamboo and do bamboo business.  BAMBOO SAMURAI want to contribute to bamboo business.


Takashi 2010/9/11@Martinez

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