September 23, 2010

9/21 Ely ~the lonliest road~

9/21 Fine day, from Eureka to Ely (KOA campground)
Breakfast in Eric & Quin's house, bread 3 with cramberry jam
Bamboo bike passed over 4 summit, Pinto summit(7,351),Pancake summit(6,521),Little Antelope(7,438),and Rpbinson Summit(7,588).
Today bamboo bike was so tired...... Wind from south were very strong. So bamboo bike couldn't control his hundle at his will and it was difficult tp go on straight. Bike lane of Hwy50 was so narrow, so bamboo bike were careful to keep going on the left side of bike lane. 77miles/8hours.....very tired and stressful....

Bamboo bike stayed at Ely KOA campground (fee $26, expensive! but very clear and with shower and loundry)

Bamboo bike ate cram chowder and 2 breads and chinese soup at campground.
And I fixed and arrange the front dureilleur of bamboo bike to change gear smoothly at sportsworld which was a bike shop in Ely.  It is the end of the lonliest road at Ely,NV. Nevada is hot but wild and has wide scale beautiful landscape and the people were so friendly. Thanks Nevada! Big puplic state!

Takashi 2010/9/21 Ely Nevada.

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