September 20, 2010

9/16 Mt.Rose Tahoe Lake and Reno, Nevada

9/16 Fine day  from Tahoe Vista to Reno via Mt. Rose, route 431
Bamboo bike started from Tahoe Vista and biking on route 431, long time uphill but on the way  of 431  Bamboo bike dropped by beautiful church and read bibles. I felt strong emotion and take a rest and refilled water.  Bamboo bike and I and Ben saw beautiful Lake Tahoe! Big, blue,white, and green.

Uphill,uphill,uphill...   Bamboo bike arrived at Mt. Rose Summit which elevation is 8,900. It was cold but bamboo bike felt strong emotion. I talked to gentleman about bamboo bike. He said that it's price is not so expensive. I wondered but Ben talked me that bike is important for some people.  I was inspired.... I should think there market is.

Down from the Mt.Rose Summit we arrived at Reno, Nevada. It was so hot. At the gas station we ate corn dongs. After that we met Deborah who is VIA's alumni. We went to Reno airport and said bye bye to Ben.  Oh, Ben, I am so helped and had a great time with you! Without your help and VIA's staff  help I could not arrived here today.  And I and bamboo bike are looking forward to seeing you again at Denver if you can. At Deborah's house bamboo bike took a rest and I ate wonderful dinner with her and Loudy. At her ranch I met sheep in the beautiful scenery of Nevada.


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