September 24, 2010

9/23 Milford, UTAH

9/23 Fine day, from Great Basin National Park to Milford UTAH
Bamboo bike put his pedals on Utah for the first time.Iin Utah there were many mountains and big farms. Sometimes biking in Utah people will be surrounded by big mountains.
Today Bamboo bike ran 90miles, so wake up early at 1:30A.M. and start biking from 3:30A.M. At 3:30 moonlight was so bright, so I could see mostly, but very cold, so I wore jacket for winter and nit cap under the bike helmet.

Time in Utah is 1 hour faster than CA and NV, so sunrise happened at 7:30. It was beautiful.

Bamboo bike met one couple at Wah Wah summit(6,240). They came from Italy. We shared information and had enjoyable time. After climbing bamboo bike took rest in both mental and physical. Bamboo bike was happy to meet bike loving people! wanna see more people and talk! By the way uphill in Utah was so long.......  tired.

 Bamboo bike arrived at Milford, Utah and used internet at library and posted blog up. And stayed at city park. At the city park bamboo bike met one family and a child and talk about me(bamboo bike) . And child enjoyed himself  riding on bamboo bike. Bamboo bike was happy.

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