September 24, 2010

9/22 Great Basin National Park

9/22 Fine day, from Ely to Great Basin National Park
At breakfast, 3 oatmeals and 2 breads with jam and corn soup. Bamboo bike met Emilio who were biking from Cleveland Ohio to San Francisco on the way, he used ACA map and today was his 51th days. Wow! Bamboo bike talked with him and shared information each other. Bamboo bike was happy to see him and happy to meet bike-loving people. Thank you Emilio, have a good trip. Thanks ACA!

Bamboo bike passed two summits today( connors pass(7,722) ,Sacramento Pass(7,154). On the summit Bamboo bike ate Japanese cake"Mamadole" which my friend gave me at the Narita airport before departure. It was so sweet and nostalgic. Bamboo bike recovered his energy, Thanks!

Bamboo bike arrived at Baker, NV at 0:00 and ate lunch. Mexican food.

After lunch, bamboo bike started and went on route 488 to Great Basin National Park, it was 8% uphill, continued 6miles and strong wind came from mountain. So hard, bamboo bike stopped many times and could hardly go ahead. It was most tough time. huh....  It took 2hours to arrive Lower Lehman campground at Great Basin National Park. When Bamboo bike remember that time Bamboo bike will be sick......      Bamboo bike do not forget this practice! But Great Basin National Park was so beautiful, on the top of mountain the leaf of trees became red.

At dinner Bamboo bike ate clam chowder and Indian curry and dried apples(Dustin's mother cooked, very nice, Bamboo bike love those!)

At night I was afraid the nightmare of crazy squirrels.... but God helped me, nightmare did not come again tonight. Without tent only using sleeping bag brought me a valuable adventure.   Takashi 2010/9/22@Great Basin campground

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