September 20, 2010

9/18 Cold Springs station, Shoe Tree

9/18 Fine day from Fallon to Cold Springs station
Bamboo bike met Peter who stayed at the desert yesterday and cross country in Australia last year. He gave me Gatorade, Thanks, Peter!

Kept on going on Hwy 50,  Bamboo bike arrived at Middlegate and talked to Stephen who is motor-biker and ate lunch,hamberger. And in the store on the ceiling many $ notes were pasted. So I tried. I pasted 1$ on which I wrote "BAMBOO BIKE, BAMBOO SAMURAI" on the ceiling of the store in Middlegate.

OH! Bamboo bike found " SHOE TREE" at the Middlegate. Unbelievable! Bamboo bike didn't understand how to hang! kicking? throwing? or using ladder? OK, try! hi, kicking!

Bamboo bike arrived at Cold Springs station and got beer,"Sierra Nevada" and "Samuel Adams". The owner of the and his friend were very kind and friendly and talkative.  Bamboo bike stayed at campground tonight, Good sleep.....  

Takashi 2010/9/18@cold Springs station

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