September 28, 2010

9/26 thinking bamboo business 2

I just learned from Michael so much,

1)" I should be, I want to be professionals of biking and bamboo"
   Because I will do bamboo bike business and bamboo business,
And I got 2 dreams today, One is to go to see Ajax game in Amsterdam Arena with Michael, another is to cross all continents all over the world by bamboo bike which Bamboo Samurai make. I should bike-ride more and more and met many peoples and be inspired many things.

2) "Bike-loving people almost love nature and eco-friendly people"
 I noticed during this trip in US. So for Bamboo Samurai it is important thing to targeting the market. " Where market is" To access  the market which bike-loving people act and think and like and are interested in is very important thing.

3) "bamboo bike is new"
 I met many international people in this trip. Almost people said "beautiful, pretty, or I haven't seen".  They replied good response for me. Arriving new era of environment bamboo is renewable and sustainable. It is important to promote attractiveness of bamboo. I think there are bamboo culture and  traditional bamboo craftsmanship in Japan, so I think we Japanese contribute to the public society in the world, I hope there will be connect with competitive edge of Japan.

Takashi 2010/9/26@Escalante

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