September 9, 2010

9/8 Visit Bamboosero, meet up with my bamboo bike

8/Sep/2010@Santa Curz

I visited Bamboosero which is a bamboo bike company in Santa Cruz. In the shop there were many many bamboo bikes and some bamboo bikes seemed so interesting! Please look these photos. (photo1:bamboo tandem, photo2: interesting bamboo bike which rims are made by bamboo, photo3: my bamboo bike) And I just met up with my bamboo bike on which I ride in US, and did test riding for a few hours, I got good feeling.  Tomorrow I will visit Bamboosero again and prepare for trip. 

And I visited Bamboo Giant in Santa Cruz. Bamboo Giant is a bamboo company, sells bamboo products, designs. and talked to staff. I was surprised and happy to see bamboo in California in US. And I was inspired to hear that bamboo business is becoming popular in California. Photo4: @Bamboo Giant Photo5: with my friend, two bamboo bikes.  Bamboo Giant:   

Takashi 8/Sep/2010@Santa Curz


  1. タンデムやら奇抜なのやら種類多いですね。

  2. 隅除輪業さん

    いつもありがとうございます。燻した竹で作った自転車、ガーナ製の竹自転車、竹に施すデザインがアフリカの戦士の刺青みたいなのやら、数え切れないくらいたくさんあって、みんなすごくかっこいいです。たくさんの種類の竹自転車、カーボン自転車があり。楽しく親切な店員さんもいます。海沿いの工場兼お店は創造に溢れているように感じました。実際に現地で見ると壮観です。 松元 2010/9/10@サンタクルス