November 10, 2010

11/10 @Golconda

11/10 @Golconda, Fine day, 0mile

"Bamboo bike2 on the bank along the Ohio river" by Ben Walker

I woke up 5:40a.m. and sat down on the seat, Ben was sleeping beside. I was waiting for on AIR of video, WPSD NewsChannel6. Ben woke up, we watched TV, and about 6:40a.m. we watched the video of bamboo bike, Ohio river, Golconda, Ben, me!
Tyo cool! It is a memorial record of my whole life. Thank you, Ben. Thank you, Golconda, IL.
Video was on AIR at 6:00-7:00a.m. WPSD NewsChannel6 ,

This morning, in the restaurant Golconda crowded with deer hunters, I saw a doe hunted by Daniel Broadway. I saw arrow, hunted doe, ...a little bit blood... Ooops. Wild., Powerful. And I heard the fact that if deers are not hunted by hunters deers around here are over populated.

I went to Walmart in Paducah to buy some supplies, rice, noodle, bread, banana, energy bar. I filled diesel into can(30oz) for cook. I ate lunch, sandwich at Bar-B-Q. with Hiro and Ben. Souse was great tasted, I liked it.

I visited 911 in Paducah, met Lew. After coming back to Golconda, I was interviewed by Hiro, Japanese crew, Cycloimage at Golconda Marina and the beside of Ohio river for some time. Trees were colorful, turned red, yellow, green, brown, sky were pale blue, there were no clouds.  Warm atmosphere covered above Golconda, it was a little bit hot, I felt. The Ohio river ran through, sometimes fish jumped up from the river but after that there were no sounds.  I saw one family with kids were walking, and 2 guys were jogging on the road along the Ohio river. The flag of United States were swinging. Tomorrow is veterans day. This great river let me feel a stream of history.
I felt calm, peace, nostalgia much.

I ate dinner, sandwich with Bar-B-Q and cowboy beans, potato salada which Joy made for us. I like cowboy beans. And I hope Joy's recovery, health, condition is getting better.  Good night Joy... thank you, Joy. Your potato salada was good. God bless you.

I adjusted pannier(bags) with bamboo bike2. Tomorrow we will back on the road. Now I feel a little bit sentimentalism. The people in Golconda, the scenery of Golconda, visiting church in Golconda, the food of Golconda, the smile of Pope County High school/ elementary school, Homberg vallery, musical, Superman,... the memory in Golconda was occured in my heart one by one.

I planned schedule of the rest of trip tonight, And donation project of Bamboo Samurai is proceeding,   Takashi 2010/11/10@Golconda

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