November 1, 2010

10/31 St.Louis ~Happy Halloween~

10/31 Fine day, from Marion to St.Louis, 0mile (by Greyhound bus) Halloween!

Today was Halloween.
I home-stayed at warmful house in St.Louis. Pretty kids often visited this house, they good jorked to us, we laughed much, we enjoyed Halloween much. I also enjoyed Halloween much for the first time.

My condition was getting better than yesterday. Now I thought my plan and route. I will continue to travel with bamboo bike.

This morning,
I remembered that nurse came to my room at 3a.m. and 5a.m. But I could not remember the other things. I got good sleep yesterday, I woke up 6a.m.
I ate breakfast and some energy bars.

After breakfat I called a nurse and aks her whether I could leave hospital today and said that I was afraid of my brain. The nurse responsed at once for me. The doctor came, and said to me that my brain was OK and you could leave, and go to St.Louis. I received some medicines, investigation paper, CD from hospital. Thank you so much, doctor, nurse, hospital in Marion!

I went to St.Louis by Greyhoud bus. In the bus, I felt asleep, sometimes thought about route, my condition. Sometimes I moved my legs.
In St.Louis I met Patrick, and his fiance Jessica, and her family. They were very friendly and warm. I stayed at her family's house today. Somewhere / anywhere I often saw strange / pretty dolls, monsters, decorations, and funny pumpkins. Yes, today was Halloween,

I ate dinner, pizza and pumpkin pie drank local beer with Patrick, Jessica, Deno, Manita and pretty Lucy. Sometimes pretty costumed strangers knock the door, joked. Very pretty, funny.
I enjoyed Halloween for the first time very much. If I stayed outside or camped, maybe I could not get such this great experiences. Whole of my life, today's memory has been my treasure. Valuable experiences! Thank you so much!

Though we watched movie, I felt sleepy, maybe I was tired both in mental / physical, because it was the first time to face such this traffic accident, and there were many stress in Missouri, dogs, crazy big truck / truck driver, coldness, no one to talk. But in recently I felt great relief to meet such these good persons, Ben, Lew, nurses, doctors, Patrick, Jessica, Deno, Manira, Lucy, warm family.
And tonight I received letters and candy from my friends in San Francisco and Stanford. I was very happy. Thank you so much! Now I am feeling the joy of living. I fell asleep in the bed. Happy Halloween.

Beer blog " Schlafly"
It is a Missouri local beer, it was like a darker beer. It tasted very strange. First tasting was like a darker beer, after that it was very light taste, for some time continued light taste and after that it tasted darker beer again. it was strange and new sense for me. I like this beer.

Takashi 2010/10/31@St.Louis

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