November 10, 2010

11/9 @Golconda

11/9 @Golconda, Fine day, 0mile

At the court house in Golconda by Ben Walker

This morning was awesome, tyo Beautiful, warm, wind is not strong, trees were gorgeous. I went to court house with bamboo bike2 with Ben. I heard the history of the War between the States in front of the cannon set in the court house. And I heard the story of veteran from Golconda in front of the 4 big stutues of veterans. Hiro came with camera and tri-pod.  At 8:30a.m. we met Julie Collins, who was an anchor of WPSD NewsChannel6. I was taken some pictures near court house and on the road along the Ohio river riding on bamboo bike2. Sometimes I, Ben and bamboo bike2 walked together, were taken some pictures.  I was interviewed about my trip with bamboo bike.
This taking pictures and interview will on AIR around tomorrow 6:00-7:00a.m. WPSD NewsChannel6.

"With Julie Collins","Interview with WPSD NewsChannel6" by Ben Walker 

After that
I and bamboo bike2 went to Pope County school again. Bamboo bike2 met many students again, talked to them, toughted by them, was lifted up by them. Bamboo bike was tyo happy and I was tyo glad to have such great time with students. When we visited 4th grade students, they were all standing and said to us, "Kon Nichi Wa!"
Oh....! Happiness, my heart was filled with the joy of Happiness. Kids touched bamboo bike2, bamboo bike2 seemed to be very proud. I felt that bamboo bike2 was proud of meeting with kids who are the hope of the future, green society. I hope kids keep going to their own dream.  We were happy.
At the end of the meeting, students gave me a special letter on which photos of all kid were pasted, and one message was written to me,
by 4th grade students of Pope County. 

And Craper gave me a flag her Grandfather which flag has history of her family. I was very proud of having her family's flag. I will carry a letter and a flag on all the way of this trip. These are protecting me from any difficulties. And letter and flag are my "Treasure" of whole of my life. Thank you, students, thank you, Craper.

This afternoon, ate lunch, tried cat fish, fried pickles again. Tasted good, I like cat fish and fried pickles. After lunch I was interviewed by Hiro, Japanese TV crew for some time. I trained my legs up and down at the steps in Golconda.

"Two world together, With Jim, a retired nuclear engineer, taught in Kobe Japan, I studied at Kobe University, at lunch in Golconda" by Ben Walker

In the evening, I adjusted some equipments with bamboo bike2. It was warm night, we were preparing for back on the road, the rest of trip, 1,500miles to New York from Golconda.
After dinner I drank "dandelion root tea". It was the for the first time, there are many dandelions in Japan, but drinking and hearing about are both for the first time experience. It has a good effect to health for liver.   Takashi 2010/11/9@Golconda

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