November 23, 2010

11/23 Buchanan

11/23 Fine day partly clouded, from Christiansburg to Buchanan, 67miles

I woke up 3:30a.m. ate fast breakfast; 4 breads with peanuts butter and a bunch of chocolate cookies, and sweat tea. We started 5:30a.m. it did not rain yet. Weather foecast on TV told me with a gentle voice that it wolud rain since this noon at Buchanan. I planned that we would arrive at Buchanan till noon to avoid rain.
Early morning deep drizzle occurred, I could see about 30feet in front of us, it was very dark. The moon was covered its beautiful face by drizzle, shed dim light above the black road. At gas station in Ellie, name of town, I saw a few faces of human beings and some motor vehicles under the bright lamps. I did not drop by the station, looked map, we went ahead. Cars also drove at slow speed, everyone payed attention. The branches of trees like nerve were still, wind did not blow, the cry of creature broke the silence. A few drops dropped from helmet of mine, thought it did not rain, my rain-jacket was wet, my eyelashes wore a few small water drops. The knight of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow appeared suddenly .... Such a darkness under we passed, I could hear the sounds of pedal of bamboo bike2.

The drizzle continued till around 8:50a.m. After that I saw big sun. The Appalachian was shined by sun light, some colors which I could not explain I saw. Beautiful scenery appeared. I saw the faces of cattle, horses, farm machines, houses, trees, mountains, rabbits, squirrels. Great impression. I breathed deeply many times. Goddess of America lives here and there. We passed Catawba, Daleville,Troutville, and Buchanan. The town decorated for Christmas already. Pretty and beautiful.

We arrived at Wattstull Inn in Buchanan at 11:30p.m. We could avoid rain. After taking shower, I cooked ramen, chicken rice, pasta, and ate as a lunch. Though I called the boss of the bike hostel in Afton where I wanted to stay tomorrow, there were no response. So I decided that if there were no one there in Afton, we would pass Afton and reached at Charlottesville,VA, big town.

I cooked mushroom rice and ate mushroom rice, tuna-can, 1 bread as a dinner. Tomorrow we will pass the last big pass of the Appalachian, we want to enjoy biking. Weather forecast showed me that it would be fine day tomorrow, the day beofre Thanksgiving. Good night.


Takashi 2010/11/23 @Buchanan

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