November 7, 2010

11/7 @Golconda

11/7 @Golconda, Fine day, @Golconda,0mile

I woke up 6:00a.m. and checked e-mail.
Today I went to church with Cathy.
I am Buddhist, but I like to visit church. sing together, pray together. Though I do not know how to express my feeling, I felt comfortable, peace, calm, it is like a sense of happiness, it is like a spirit to help /respect each other in church. These were inside my heart.

Cathy showed me several rooms in church, introduce me to the people. One of the main reason I decided this bike trip is visiting church in San Francisco(the Glide Memorial Church). At that time I visited to study business in San Francisco, I visited the Glide Memorial Church on Sunday, I sang Gospel together, I felt a sense of happiness as same as the sense which I felt in church in Golconda. At last I received "pray" from all the people in church. I could not find any words to express the feeling which I felt at this time.  I was encouraged in church today, Golconda was the best place for me to re-start biking / keep going on trip with bamboo bike. Thank you Cathy, thank you Golconda.

Now I am learning some unique words in United States, some of them, "chilax", "groovy", "dog eat dog", "ass hat", and "stick to ribs",

So, today I show you one Japanese word to American people,

・"Tyo (cho)"

This means "very"or"super". Though a few young Japanese high school girls used at first,  it was getting popular and popular, now this word are tyo-popular(very popular) in Japan.

・For example:  tyo cool = very cool,  tyo cold = very cold

After eating quiche(Great!) which Cathy made, I went to the steps in Golconda to train my legs.
There were 100 over steps, good place to practice. I trained to walk up and down for 1 and half hour. After that I met 2 kids, and talked. I was surprised to hear that they already have experiences to hunt deer by gun....

At dinner, Ben cooked "cowboy breakfast", gravy and biscuits, and "Venison", it was a deer meat.
I heard that this was a traditional southern foods. All foods were for the first time for me. I like all, gravy and biscuits tasted good, including a little bit spicy and oil. And Venicon tasted like steak with some flavor, good for me. I like. I enjoyed traditional southern meal tonight.

Tomorrow I will go to school in Golconda, talked to students. And pick up bamboo bike2 in Paducah, and interviewd from WPSD-TV NewsChannel6 and One Groovy Planet. Though I am poor at speaking, listening English, I am looking forward to seeing/ talking to students and media.

Oops... stick to my ribs.. I ate "Venison" too much tonight...tyo stick to my ribs...

Takashi 2010/11/7 @Golconda


  1. Hi Takashi

    I have read your recent entry. Golconda seems to be a nice place. I found your feeling in San Fransisco at the church was the trigger of your Bamboo trip, that makes me feel weird but great.

    I found a good news for you, many free lights are provided for FREE for safety drive at night. Please check it out at a glance.

    And let me introduce to you about myself a little later.

    Hang in there.


  2. Definitely.
    You can use posting on this blog, and e-mail.
    Bamboo Samurai