November 25, 2010

11/25 @Charlottesville, Happy Thanksgiving!

11/25, Cloudy day, @Charlottesville
~Wait for the open of bike shop

Today we stayed at Charlottesvill, I stayed at a lodge with bamboo bike2. Both we were injured around legs..., I was injured right achilles tendon, bamboo bike2 was injured one spoke of rear leg(wheel). We laughed each other.
This early morning I decided not to go ahead. I checked about bad effects of spoke defect on some website and got a kind advice from my friend, Ben Strong that we should not go ahead. Today I checked some maps, and re-planned our schedule, considered about "Bamboo Donation" system, wrote report about Samurai, and walked around Charlottesville. The latest schedule:
(Now I am searching for the host in Washington D.C. and hosts between Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, so there is still possibility to change my schedule, if you can host me, or have friends who can host us in early Dec, please let me know!)

Here in Charlottesville, there is a University of Virginia, and there were many beautiful or sublime buildings made from bricks. Town was filled with academic atmosphere. I saw the name of Thomas Jefferson on the memorial plate in this town,too. And the big bell informed me the time with a big and nostalgic voice sometimes. Peaceful, static, there were few people walking on the street. I visited closed 2 bike shops where I plan that we will visit tomorrow morning. Today was Thanksgiving, so though I called all the bike shops in this town, all were closed, We will visit bike shop around at opening time, and after finishing repairing we will go aim to Louisa, about 56miles.
Almost the restaurants were also closed, so I cooked some foods by stove, rice, coffee, pasta and ate these foods. It was the first time for me to stay on this day,Thanksgiving.  I felt a little cold when I walked in the quiet city on the way back to a lodge, I passed some people who listening the R and B music by radio, at that time I remembered the life of University in Japan. I must write thesis of graduation of university when I came back to Japan.

P.S. I got a phone call from San Francisco tonight, from my friends, "Happy thanksgiving!".  I felt tyo happy! Thank you so much, Ben!, Amy!, Azuma-san!, and Michael!  Takashi 2010/11/25 @Charlottesville


  1. Great to meet you in my yard on Sunken Road Fredericksburg, Va.! All the best on your bike ride, your thesis, and your greater mission.

  2. Thank you so much. I had precious time in Fredericksburg, with people, having Thanksgiving dinner, visiting historic sites, with walking around Mary Washington University, with some dogs and talking to you.